Strengthening cooperation in training and academic exchange between UE-UD and CIT


On Nov 7th, Dr. Pio Fenton – Head of Marketing and International Business Faculty – Business College, Cork Institute of Technology (CIT, Ireland) had a meeting with Dr. Dang Huu Man-Deputy Head of Department of Research and International Cooperation, Dr. Nguyen Trung Kien-Head of Commerce Faculty and Dr. Nguyen Thi Thuy-Deputy Head of Commerce Faculty at University of Economics - the University of Danang.

At the meeting, two parties discussed the 2+2 student transfer program in International Business, which allows students of University of Economics to study the first two years in Vietnam and continue their last two years in Ireland with the degree awarded by CIT. Besides, Dr. Dang Huu Man proposed that students of University of Economics could have the short-term exchange scholarship (under 6 months) to study at CIT in the Erasmus+ project sponsored by EU, then they would continue their studies in the 2+2 program at CIT. This way helps students of UE-UD have more time to experience life and study environment at CIT. Besides, Business college of CIT will consider offering scholarships to students who achieve good results and follow the transfer program. CIT has commited to offer 50% of the tuition fee to students of good results during their first two years at University of Economics. With similarity in credit training program, representatives from both parties believes this 2+2 student transfer program in International Business will soon be carried out.

In terms of teaching partnership, Dr. Nguyen Trung Kien suggested inviting lecturers of CIT to organise seminars about international business, negotiation in international trade and business strategy study at University of Economics, which will take place between Jan 2018 and April 2018 as agreed. This will improve academic exchange and research experience as well as strengthen  cooperation in many fields between two strategic partners which are UE-UD and CIT.

At the meeting, both parties also discussed the continued cooperation in applying for sponsor from Erasmus+. Dr. Fenton is the leader of all Erasmus+ project at CIT, and pledged to cooperate with University of Economics to make an application in early Jan 2018. The meeting run successfully with more cooperation in training and academic exchange agreed by both parties.


Dr. Fenton sharing knowledge of Digital Marketing with lecturers and students of Marketing Faculty

During the time at University of Economics, Dr. Pio Fenton also had a meeting with Faculty Head and lecturers of Marketing Faculty. Dr. Fenton will continue to support University of Economics in general and Marketing Faculty in particular in organising international conference of Marketing in the Connected Age (MICA 2018) held by University of Economics. On behalf of organisation board of MICA 2018, University of Economics hopes that CIT with training and research experience in Marketing and Startup will be the long-term co-organiser of MICA. Two parties discussed more about developing the signed 2+2 transfer program in Marketing. In the afternoon of Nov 7th, Dr. Fenton also had a talk about Digital Marketing with lecturers and students of Marketing Faculty.