The vision of university of economics, The University of Danang becomes a leading research university in Vietnam.  With the strategic goal of achieving excellent research and training center, University of economics encourages to form TRT group to support research and training on Business Intelligence (BIT). Thus, TRT research training group was originally born in 2018 with the aim of research, training and technology transfer.

     The objectives of TRT research-training group:

·       To develop in-depth research capacity in the field of e-commerce and business intelligence for business. BIT's activities in the first phase will prioritize the development of research and application projects of business intelligence for e-commerce. 

·       To enhance scientific publication capabilities, especially international publications in the fields of data science, e-commerce and commerce. Researchers and lecturers can do research to publish famous international journal and conferences. The published research results will greatly contribute to achieve the overall mission and the strategic direction of the Faculty as well as university of Economics.

·       To develop teaching and training capacity for various educational levels with high quality, TRT research-training group implements cooperation activities, academic exchanges, and sharing of experiences in training and research. TRT group is expected to become a recipient of updated, modern and applicable knowledge and high technology for lecturers and collaborators. This is extremely necessary to redirect training in a modern, practical and useful direction to meet practical requirements in Vietnam today. In addition, developing in-depth teaching and research capacity in this potential field will be the basis for developing new training programs at the graduate and doctoral levels.

·       To enhance the scale and effectiveness of collaboration in technology transfer projects in the field of e-commerce in general and business intelligence in particular is essential. Collaboration among parties aims at jointly executing research projects, technology transfer initiatives, and addressing practical challenges faced by businesses. It also involves closely integrating training activities to promptly meet the high-level human resource needs of the business community and society. 

·       To establish the groundwork for the development of a research center focused on e-commerce and business intelligence is a crucial step. Based on the accumulated research capabilities and in-depth training experiences, BIT team can lay the foundation for various research and specialized training initiatives related to e-commerce, data science and commerce. In the long term, BIT aims to build an applied research center for e-commerce and business intelligence, striving to become a focal point in this domain in the Central region and Vietnam.