An overview of the Commerce programme

The program in commerce was established to fulfill the demands of economic development of Vietnam within the context of global integration. The program then has become one of the main enriched undergraduate programs in Danang University of Economics. In particular, the growing demand for high quality human resources in Commerce over the two previous decades provides excellent career opportunities for graduates from this program.

The program creates a foundation for students to pursue career fields related to commerce. This program provides students with the skills and knowledge necessary to pursue a variety of careers with national and international companies. Students will be prepared for work with internationally oriented production, trading, import-export companies and investment organizations, or in the public and private sectors in management, strategic planning, research, global operations and public relations.

The Commerce curriculum has been carefully designed in the structure and content to provide students with critical business skills and knowledge in the international perspective and develop an understanding of the social, cultural and political dimensions of commercial business. This curriculum is relied on the curriculum of The University of Economics, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and The University of Melbourne, Australia. The objectives of program (PO) in Commerce are to equip  students with:

PO1: Comprehensive knowledge in commercial business, deep specialized knowledge and practical skills;

PO2: Ability for higher education, self-study, life-long learning;

PO3: Good English skills, effective communication skill, professional working skills, critical thinking and soft skills for self-development.

In order to be accepted to the Commerce program, high school students normally need to obtain a high score in the national university entrance examination every year. This program is widely recognized as one of the programs setting the high entry score. This reflects very competitive and high demand for joining the program.

Students who are studying the Commerce Management program will have good job and career prospects because they are equipped with knowledge and skills to undertake professional or management positions at all levels in sales and customer service, in production, trading, import-export companies, in firms producing and trading consumer and industrial goods, supermarkets, convenience stores…. Therefore, about 92 percent of graduates from the program have well-paid jobs within 6 months since the graduation, and about 97,4% graduates having jobs after 1 year of graduation (2017-2021).