Keynote combo split: 2B

Nhan đề: Keynote combo split: 2B -- Keynote 2B: Combo Split with Keynoteonline -- Keynote 2B

Tác giả: David Bohlke; Eunice Yeates

Chủ đề: English language -- Spoken English -- Problems, exercises, etc; English language -- Textbooks for foreign speakers; English language -- Spoken English

Mô tả: Unit 7. Ethical choices -- Unit 8. Better cities -- Unit 9. Giving -- Unit10. Mind and machine -- Unit 11. Nature -- Unit 12. Discovery

Tóm tắt: “Keynote invites learners to explore life-changing stories for a deeper understanding of the world, developing the confidence and skills needed to express themselves powerfully and proficiently in English.” -- Back cover

Nhà xuất bản: Cengage Learning, Inc.

Năm xuất bản: 2017

ISBN: 9789814839495 (pbk.)