Marketing analytics: strategic models and metrics

Nhan đề: Marketing analytics: strategic models and metrics

Tác giả: Stephan Sorger

Chủ đề: Marketing research; Marketing -- Mathematical models; Marketing -- Statistical methods

Mô tả: Introduction -- Market insight -- Market segmentation -- Competitive analysis -- Business strategy -- Business operations -- Product and service analytics -- Price analytics -- Distribution analytics -- Promotion analytics -- Sales analytics -- Analytics in action

Tóm tắt: The book contains a wealth of information on marketing analytics: Almost 500 pages of text, covering a wide variety of decision models and metrics -- Nearly 400 figures, including diagrams, tables, and charts -- Step-by-step instructions on market segmentation, conjoint analysis, and other techniques -- Current examples demonstrating how organizations are applying models and metrics

Nhà xuất bản: Admiral Press

Năm xuất bản: 2013

ISBN: 9781481900300 (pbk.); ISBN1481900307 (pbk.)