Service operations management

Nhan đề: Service operations management

Tác giả: Robert Johnston, Michael Shulver, Nigel Slack, Graham Clark

Chủ đề: Service industries -- Management

Mô tả: Pt. I: Framing service operations -- Ch. 1: Introduction to service operations -- Ch. 2: The world of service -- Ch. 3: Service strategy -- Ch. 4: The service concept -- Pt. II: Service people -- Ch. 5: Customer relationships -- Ch. 6: Service quality -- Ch. 7: Designing customer experience -- Ch. 8: People in the service operation -- Ch. 9: Service culture -- Pt. III: Delivering service -- Ch. 10: Service supply networks -- Ch. 11: Designing the service process -- Ch. 12: Managing service performance -- Ch. 13: Service resources and capacity -- Pt. IV: Improving service operations -- Ch. 14: Service innovation -- Ch. 15: Service improvement -- Ch. 16: Learning from problems -- Ch. 17: Learning from other operations

Tóm tắt: "Service Operations Management, 5th Edition is a market-leading text on service operations management which provides a clear understanding of how service performance can be improved in organisations. This text applies underlying theories to the real world challenges faced by service operations managers on a daily basis, by providing a diverse range of examples and illustrations. Each chapter provides a range of tools, frameworks and techniques designed to help you better analyse existing operations and understand ways to deal with operational challenges. This text can be used to support a dedicated Service Operations Management course, or a service-focused course in Operations Management. It is also ideal for those who want to build on knowledge of the basic principles of operations management, and it serves as a handbook for operations managers in service organisations as they seek to develop and implement operations strategies" -- Back cover

Nhà xuất bản: Pearson Education Limited

Năm xuất bản: 2021

ISBN: 9781292064468 (pbk.)