Multinational financial management

Nhan đề: Multinational financial management

Tác giả: Alan C. Shapiro, Paul Hanouna

Chủ đề: International business enterprises -- Finance

Mô  tả: Pt. I: The international financial management environment -- Ch. 1: Introduction: Multinational corporations and financial management -- Ch. 2: The determination of exchange rates -- Ch. 3: The international monetary system -- Ch. 4: Parity conditions in international finance and currency forecasting -- Ch. 5: The balance of payments and international economic linkages -- Pt. II: The foreign exchange and derivative markets -- Ch. 6: The foreign exchange market -- Ch. 7: Currency futures and options markets -- Ch. 8: Currency, interest rate, and credit derivatives and swaps -- Pt. III: Foreing exchange risk management -- Ch. 9: Measuring and managing translation and transaction exposure -- Ch. 10: Measuring and managing economic exposure -- Part IV: The international capital markets and portfolio management -- Ch. 11: International financing and national capital markets -- Ch. 12: The Euromarkets -- Ch. 13: International portfolio management -- Pt. V: International capital budgeting -- Ch. 14: Country risk analysis -- Ch. 15: The cost of capital for foreign investments -- Ch. 16: Corporate strategy and foreign direct investment -- Ch. 17: Capital budgeting for the multinational corporation -- Ch. 18: Managing the internal capital markets of multinational corporations

Tóm tắt: "The basic thrust of this eleventh edition of Multinational Financial Management (MFM) is to provide a conceptual framework within which the key financial decisions of the multinational firm can be analyzed. The approach is to treat international financial management as a natural and logical extension of the principles learned in the foundations course in financial management. Thus, it builds on and extends the valuation framework provided by domestic corporate finance to account for dimensions unique to international finance. Multinational Financial Management presumes a knowledge of basic corporate finance, economics, and algebra. However, it does not assume prior knowledge of international economics or international finance and is therefore self-contained in that respect" -- Preface

Nhà xuất bản: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Năm xuất bản: 2020

ISBN: 9781119559849 (pbk.)