University of Economics- University of Danang in the cooperation with Southern Centre of Agriculture Policy và  Leibniz  University Hannover sincerely notify you of investigator recruitment.

We are in need of:


Number: 2 investigators will be recruited to collect information on the condition of living and working and public relations of migrants in Danang and the surrounding area.

Specialized requirements
1. Candidates may be students or have graduated in Agricultural Economics, Economics, or other fields of Agriculture and Sociology with orientations related to Socio-economics.
2. Candidates from rural areas of provinces (Ha Tinh, TT Hue) or provinces in the Central Highlands is advantageous.
3. Living in the Danang and familiar with moving around in Danang City and surrounding areas.
4. Experienced in participating in surveys.
5. Having a high sense of responsibility, being patient, enthusiastic, eager to learn, and able to work in groups, as well as working under high pressure environment but still ensuring professionalism.
6. Skilled use of tablets and internet is an advantage.
Working time: Working time is from July to September, 2018 in Danang (Applicants need to fully participate in activities such as training on questionnaires, surveying, group meetings ...throughout the investigation period).
Job description: Surveying and interviewing migrants using tablets (which candidates will be trained to use fluently before conducting the survey).
Recommended payment rate: Each investigator will receive a remuneration of approximately VND 220,000 for each questionnaire successfully interviewed (with a successful interview rate expected for appropriately12 weeks). In addition, the project will support travelling costs (calculated on each questionnaire), expenses for training .... in the process of conducting surveys. SCAP will prepare plane tickets and accommodation for the duration of the training in Ho Chi Minh Cityfrom 9-13 July
Application: Please fill in the application form attached and submit a brief curriculum vitae to Master Tran Luong Kim Dung via email: dung.tlk@due.edu.vn
Registration form download here
Application deadline from the date of publication until July 5, 2018.
Potential candidates will be contacted immediately after the evaluation results are available.