🌟 The Faculty of International Business is extremely honored and proud of the outstanding achievements that talented and enthusiastic IB-ers have achieved. Not only do they strive to improve their specialized knowledge, students also actively participate in competitions in many different fields to explore their potential and expand their knowledge.
🎉 Come to the DATA GOT TALENT 2024 contest organized by the University of Economics - University of Danang and supported by communication by the College of E-Commerce Faculty - University of Economics - UD, students Dang Quynh Chi and Nguyen Truc Linh, class 47K01.2, member of the EcoByte team, excellently won the Runner-up Award in the Final Round - "Data - Driven Business" and the Outstanding Team Award in Round 1 - "Data Storytelling".
🌱 EcoByte group includes members:
1. Dang Quynh Chi - 47K01.2 - Faculty of International Business - University of Economics - University of Danang
2. Nguyen Truc Linh - 47K01.2 - Faculty of International Business - University of Economics - University of Danang
3. Le Hung Phuc - 48K29.1 - University of Economics - University of Danang
4. Pham Duy Anh - 22T_KHDL - University of Science and Technology - University of Danang
💡 DATA GOT TALENT 2024 is a playground for young talents passionate about data science, combining creativity and discovery, with the goal of helping the business community build practical solutions through data. The competition not only plays a role in sharing knowledge but also creates opportunities for contestants to practice data analysis skills to solve real-life problems. The scope of participation in the DATA GOT TALENT contest includes both domestic and international students, providing an exciting opportunity for young people to express their talents and passions.
🔥 To successfully win the runner-up position at the DATA GOT TALENT 2024 competition, the EcoByte team had to go through 2 tough and challenging rounds.
👉 In Round 1 with the topic "Data Storytelling", teams have 4 weeks to explore insights from data and propose solutions for a movie theater. The EcoByte team divided the weeks with the order of work: data cleaning, data mining, data visualization, making recommendations and finally sprinting to complete slides and presentations.
👉 After receiving the Excellent Team Award and passing round 1, in the Final round with the theme "Data - Driven Business", the top 15 teams received a data set of more than 1GB about the RWWA betting business in Vietnam. Western Australia for analysis and resolution. This round does not stop at the level of description and diagnosis like round 1, the team must build a forecast model and propose practical future solutions for the business. This stage takes place in just 3 rounds. week. This round was really difficult for the team because betting is a banned game in Vietnam but strongly popular in Australia, so the EcoByte team had to research external data sources related to the market and trends. trends, gambling behavior in Australia, and then link with the insights found to create a logical, coherent “data story” flow. Furthermore, the biggest challenge is choosing a model. prediction model, but luckily in the last days, the team chose the appropriate model to predict the future financial situation of the business.
🍀 In response to the wonderful "sweet fruit" resulting from the efforts throughout the competition, the EcoByte team shared: "The team is very happy to have reaped the sweet fruits after so much effort over the past 4 months. Thanks to this useful playground, we have learned and accumulated a lot of knowledge, experience, and experience in the field of data science, which will serve us well in the future."
💌 Once again, congratulations to the EcoByte team for their excellent achievements at the DATA GOT TALENT 2024 contest and wish you all will achieve more "sweet results" in the future!