The University of Economics would like to inform teachers and students of the selection of candidates for the Student and Lecturer Exchange Program in cooperation with the Technical University of Valencia, Spain (UPV). within the framework of Eramus+ KA1 Program funded by the European Commission, specifically as follows:

1. Program Contents

a) Lecturer exchange program:

- Lecturer in the fields of: Engineering, Business Administration

- Selection criteria: 02 positions

- Time: 07 days (including 02 travel days), teaching in English (minimum 08 hours)

b) Student exchange program (undergraduate, graduate and doctoral levels):

- Students/graduate students/doctoral students in technical and economic fields.

- For university students, only 1, 2, 3 year students are accepted;

- For PhD students, only PhD students who have a connection with the professor before submitting their application.

- Selection criteria: 01 position

- Time: 06 months

- Expected time of exchange: February 2022-July 2022.

2. Language requirements

For Lecturers: English with a Certificate of Level C1

For Students: English with a Certificate of Level B2

3. Scholarships

According to the general regulations of the Erasmus+ Program as follows:

Round-trip airfare: 1,500 EUR

Living expenses: 140 EUR/day, staff

Cost of living: 800 EUR/month, student

4. Application form (in English)

Nominations include:

- Registration form: https://docs.google.com/document/d/12c8YJpP4s6_hxnfqazkoF1sb8rcJUTQa/edit

- Letter of self-introduction, motivation for participating in the program, degree of suitability of the program with personal aspirations, certified by the unit leader (Motivation letter)

- Scientific curriculum vitae for lecturers

- Curriculum Vitae for students (under Europas form)

- Transcripts, professional qualifications

- Language certificate

- Copy of passport

5. Application deadline

For lecturers: Before 12/01/2022

For students: Before October 12, 2021

Priority is given to early submissions.

6. How to apply

Candidates submit the scanned copy by email: ntnhoa@ac.udn.vn, hlngoc@ac.udn.vn and submit the hard copy directly at the International Cooperation Department of UD, Room 10.017, 10th Floor, Building B, UD, 41 Le Duan, Hai Chau district, Da Nang city.

*** Candidates from UE-UD send scanned copies, please cc email P.KH&HTQT: interrelations@due.edu.vn

If you have any questions about the exchange program, please contact: UD International Cooperation Department, Tel: 0236 3891517, email: udicd@ac.udn.vn.

Website of Technical University of Valencia (UPV), Spain, see here: https://www.upv.es/

Details: https://due.udn.vn/vi-vn/thongbao/thongbaochitiet/id/14097