Learning Experience - Trần Thanh Toàn

Tran Thanh Toan (class 41K15.2 - Faculty of Finance) is a student studying in Ireland under the student exchange scholarship between University of Economics - University of Danang and Cork Institute of Technology (Ireland) in Erasmus+ project framework. Let's listen to Thanh Toan sharing his valuable learning experiences.


- Hi Toan, can you share your learning experience to achieve good results like now?
From my view, in order to achieve good results in learning, the first and most important thing is to reasonably allocate time. I'm currently pursuing Corporate Finance Major, so I spend most of my time on specialize and major courses. In general knowledge courses and other subjects, I try to focus on listening to the teacher's lecture in class and ask questions if I have any doubts. In my opinion, the score is only one part, the main thing is that I have to deeply grasp the background knowledge for future work. In addition, learning English is really important, it is difficult to read the textbook fluently and fully understand the author's point of view if English is not good enough, so I spend an hour a day on practicing English as well as supplementing specialized vocabulary.



- Could you tell me your opinion about the usefulness of the current extracurricular activities organized by the Faculty and the University?

Of course, students are not only studying and learning, participating in extracurricular activities helps me to improve myself and gives me life experiences and new relationships. Although I am not directly involved in the the Faculty and the University ‘s Youth Union, I am currently quite active at the Living To Love Club of the Da Nang Red Cross Society. Studying in the lecture hall and participating in extracurricular activities are two inseparable things for students nowadays. From participating in external activities, I have many friends sharing their learning experiences about how to allocate study time properly or how to complete an exam with good results.



- How do you balance between study and extracurricular/ union activities?

As I shared above, it is very important to manage time to balance between study and social activities. In my opinion, the balance is not to evenly divide the time between assignments and extracurricular programs, but to know how to prioritize and allocate time appropriately to achieve optimal efficiency. The days of the week that I give priority to studying include listening to lectures at school, doing homework assigned by teachers, learning more English as well as reading more books to enhance specialized knowledge. On weekends, I spend time with the club, participate in extracurricular activities or plan programs that the club will organize.


- Can you briefly share with other students about the upcoming challenges on the way of learning to accumulate knowledge and work skills?

I think the biggest challenge on the way of learning is accessing scientific materials. I think the rapidly changing financial and banking environment now creates a lot of opportunities and challenges. Now in the world the financial sector seems to have a deeper division, it not only stops at Corporate Finance and Government Finance but also extends to Aviation Finance, Quantitative Finance or General Finance. In addition, choosing for yourself a professional certificate like CFA, CPA is also quite important if you aim to work for large corporations with an attractive salary. These certifications not only require students to have a solid foundation of professional knowledge, but also a specific route, the goal of which is to use that certificate effectively for future work. For finance students in Da Nang, we still lack centers for training these certificates, so you have to do your own research and research online that require a lot of time consuming. Besides, there are a little large corporations in Danang organized finance departments separately and a few financial companies operating in many financial areas in order to be able to apply the theories as I have learned.

Thank you Toan, I hope you soon complete the exchange program and have beautiful experiences in Ireland.

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