Dang Linh Chi - A talented, dynamic student of the Faculty of Finance


Dang Linh Chi - a beautiful schoolgirl in class 41K16CLC in Financial Administration Major- has been one of the typical students of the Faculty of Finance over the years with excellent academic performance and outstanding extracurricular activities.

Let's listen to Linh Chi sharing valuable experiences in studying and working under the University of Economics


- Hi Linh Chi, can you share your learning experience to achieve good results like today?

From my view, I feel that the best way to achieve high results is to make the most of the time in class listening to the teacher's lecture and asking questions about the parts that I don't understand. Besides, in order to use class time more efficient, I always try to review old lessons and read new ones first before coming to class. Regular viewing of lessons not only helps me strengthen my knowledge but also relieves pressure when the important exams come.



- Could you tell me your opinion about the usefulness of the current extra-curricular activities organized by the Faculty and the University?

The diversified and effective extracurricular activities organized by the University and Faculty have really brought us a lot of benefits. Co-curricular activities and workshops bring a lot of useful knowledge as well as necessary information for students, and  extra-curricular activities give us soft skills and create relationships.


- How do you balance between study and extra-curricular/ union activities?
With the motto of taking advantage of classroom learning, I don't have to spend too much time studying at home. Instead, I study a little bit every day but often to always remember the knowledge and spend the rest of the time on my pleasure or participating in extra-curricular activities. Thanks to this way, I feel  my learning simple and



- Have you been/are/will be participating in any transition program?
I am
going to transfer my studies at Massey University - New Zealand in a year and a half with the Massey Business School International Student Study Award. From my own experience, I think that you need to start researching about the partner schools of the University of Economics - the University of Danang from the first year if you intend to go to transfer school to learn more transfer events as well as scholarships and define specific goals for yourself. You should also research the school carefully and compare it with your needs and financial conditions to choose the right time to transfer. Thanks to the improvement of the Faculty of Finance in international cooperation, the transfer procedures as well as academic issues when attending in transition program with international partner schools are greatly supported by the Faculty and are created the good opportunities for students.



- What is your opinion on the benefits of joining a transition program?

In my opinion, this is an ideal form of study abroad for many reasons. The first is to save a lot of costs of studying and living abroad with an expensive standard of living. Secondly, I had time to prepare myself better for my study abroad. Finally, the study abroad procedures were simpler because I received great support from the university and the faculty of Finance in particular.



- Can you briefly share with other students about the upcoming challenges on the way of learning to accumulate knowledge and work skills?

The studying experience at the University is completely different from the high school in aspect of learning and taking exams. While studying in high school is passive, learning at university is highly active. Students should spend more time on their own to research and explore, and they also have the opportunity to discuss with lecturers rather than absorb knowledge as learning in high school. The test forms are also more diversified from presentations to testing business models which require students to have more skills such as teamwork skills, presentation skills and creativity abilities etc. In general, although studying at university is more difficult, it is also much more interesting than in high school in order to helps us more mature.

Thank you Linh Chi
. I hope you will have great experiences in New Zealand and achieve success on the road ahead.

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