Not only is an energetic and beautiful girl, Le Uyen Nhi (Class 43K16, Faculty of Finance - University of Economics - Danang University) is also a Finance student with a strong passion for business. Uyen Nhi started her career as a freshman, currently owning LUEH Vietnam Trading & Services Co., Ltd in Da Nang City.

 Uyen Nhi shared: “Because I have been interested in business since I was a child, when I went to university, I broadened more economic knowledge, making me always want to try my best. I boldly started a company that produces and trades natural cosmetics. Initially, it was also very difficult, in terms of production, market and financial management for the company. However, studying and working makes me accumulate gradually, after a period of operation, the company is also on the rise. Sales are increasing day by day and cosmetic brands are also more known. LUEH Vietnam owns 60,000 followers on Instagram and more than 40,000 purchases on Facebook as well as Shopee - a popular e-commerce site in Vietnam currently. I always prioritize my studying of Financial Management first and as a class staff member, I am very active in studying and activities of the Class and Faculty, not because of business but neglecting my studies. Every semester I win a scholarship at the school, this is a great encouragement for me that the school always sets out to encourage students to make more progress.” Although being very busy for her own company, Uyen Nhi also worked very hard to participate in competitions for students of Danang University of Economics such as: Excellent student at City level, My school is number 1, etc. She also participates in many volunteer activities at the school such as Green Summer, Winter Volunteering as well as Humanitarian Blood Donation every year. It is quite stressful because of the busy schedule and work, but Nhi still thinks that this is a very good opportunity for Nhi to improve her knowledge, train herself as well as develop more soft skills.

With these excellent achievements, Uyen Nhi has put the first solid bricks to go further on her own path of learning and starting a business. Wish Nhi will always promote the spirit of Youth Dynamic Economy - creative, shining the image of Vietnamese students.  Hoping your business will grow more and more.


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