Students of the Faculty of Finance confidently move forward on career path

You can be an excellent student while studying at the university, but whether you could become an excellent employee at work or not is another story.

Similarly, you actively participate in many activities while being a student; but being able to maintain such confidence in a stressful and challenging working environment is another story.

The story of college graduates who cannot find a job is one of the hot topics receiving a lot of attention today. However, during the past years, students of the Faculty of Finance have constantly strived to assert their position, not only in school but also in their career. Many students are recruited into suitable positions even before graduation.

Let's take a look at some outstanding students who graduated from the Faculty of Finance in recent years and see how these alumni are doing now.

1.      Tran Thi Nguyen Thao - Class of 41K15.2 CLC

As one of the excellent students of 41st class of the Faculty of Finance, Nguyen Thao is not only known for her “outstanding” academic achievement: Dean of Business Finance with GPA 3.58 / 4.0, First Prize of the student conference on scientific research at the university level, but also for her prominence as a member of the Executive Committee of the Faculty ‘s Union. During the 4 years at university, Nguyen Thao has obtained a series of achievements when participating in extra-curricular activities such as the title of 5-good students at the City level and the University of Da Nang level, the Principal's Certificate of Merit for excellent academic and training achievements. Not only that, Nguyen Thao also volunteered to take part in the two well-known events of APEC Summit 2017 and the ABG5 Asian Beach Games in Da Nang. Especially, before receiving her bachelor's degree, Thao was invited to Malaysia to interview by Air Asia and now becomes a customer service staff at the representative office of Air Asia in Da Nang.


Referring to the time studying and practicing at the university, Thao shared: “Four years of studying and experiencing in the university environment are the most memorable time of my youth. I can acquire valuable knowledge, practice the necessary skills and experience unforgettable memories with my teachers and friends. And moreover, it was this place that made me realize that just by having faith in myself, challenges can be overcome, and any goal can be achieved. "

2.      Pham Dinh Hoa - Class of 41K15.1

Pham Dinh Hoa is known as an outstanding student of the 41st class of the Faculty of Finance when he was a member of Union's Executive Committee and participated in many extra-curricular activities such as a volunteer at the APEC Summit. organizer of the Dance for Kindness program, member of CFA Research Challenge team representing University of Economics.

Currently, Hoa is the FX Dealer at the Head Office of Asia Commercial Bank. Hoa's motto is: “if you don't dare to play, you will never win”.

3.      Le Hoang Duc – Class of 40K15

As a prominent face of the Faculty of Finance, Le Hoang Duc used to be a member of the communication team of the Union Executive Committee, actively participating in most of the Faculty’s extra-curricular activities as well as other activities such as volunteering at the APEC senior week, Google festival ... Besides that, Le Hoang Duc also excellently won the second prize in the contest "Personal finance management" organized by the Faculty of Banking in 2017.

With an excellent record of academic and operational achievements, Duc is currently a corporate customer relations specialist at Agribank Da Nang Branch.

From his actual job interviews, Hoang Duc shares with the next generations of students his experience from applying to companies as well as banks: “Firstly, for employers, attitude is always the most important factor they look for, so always show a progressive attitude and be willing to learn. Next is the experience for the job application. In order to have a good preparation, during the time at school and especially in the internship, students need to form a clear understanding about their dream jobs and make use of this time efficiently. Because of that, when applying for the position, they will have certain advantages over other candidates by having a better understanding. Finally, prepare your CV carefully based on the transcript, English skills and skills from community activities. And a little revelation is to show off your talents well (if any). This will help recruiters look at us with friendly eyes.”

4.      Dang Van Cuong – Class of 40K15

Dang Van Cuong is considered a comprehensive valedictorian as he got both the entry valedictorian and the output valedictorian of the Corporate Finance major with a GPA score of 3.60 / 4.0. During his 4 years at University, Cuong has obtained many certificates of merit for academic achievements as well as scholarships for excellent students of the school. Cuong was also in the top 15 CFA Research Challenge in 2016 and 2017.

After graduating, Cuong became an investment consultant at FPTS Securities Company, Da Nang branch, then he applied in the concentrated recruitment period and excelled upon receiving the consent of 2 in 4 banks in the Big4 group. Currently, Cuong is a Corporate Customer Relations Officer at Vietinbank.

5.      Nguyen Thi Hoang Thuong - Class of 39K16CLC

As a student of the 39th Class of the Faculty of Finance, everyone should have heard about a beautiful and talented girl who have studied very well and actively take part in many extra-curricular activities - Nguyen Thi Hoang Thuong.

Currently, Hoang Thuong is holding the position of Credit Officer, Corporate Customer Department at MB Bank. Speaking about her time at DUE, Thuong shared: “Four years of college is the most brilliant stage of my youth. It is truly a journey full of memorable experiences, with joy and sadness, with successes, but of course, still indispensable-necessary-failures. The important thing is, I have learned how to balance between study and playtime, so that really help me complete the goals that have been set right from the moment I entered the university. I think that the road to success is not easy, and only serious efforts can bring truly valuable experiences".

Above are just 5 out of many generations of students who have graduated from the Faculty of Finance and have suitable jobs. With the goal of training students who can immediately meet the labor needs of the economy, the Faculty of Finance always strives to associate the training program with practice by bringing many visual lessons into the subject, regularly organize seminars with speakers who have high professional experience in the finance field, and arrange company visits etc. Therefore, students of the Faculty of Finance are always equipped with not only knowledge but also confidence when stepping out of the university gate, ready to accept all challenges on the future career path.