Introduction to FOE's Scientific Research

In the process of building and developing the Faculty of Economics, Scientific Research is always the top goal. From the point of view, lecturers are both teachers and scientists; training must be associated with research and research to improve training quality. In recent years, the Faculty of Economics has reaped significant achievements: The Faculty has completed 50 projects at the ministerial, provincial and grassroots levels; Hundreds of highly practical articles. From 2010 up to now, the Faculty has published 10 textbooks, 02 monographs, dozens of teaching materials to serve formal teaching and a number of textbooks are being completed for publication in the coming years.

In particular, in 2018, the Faculty of Economics stood out as a bright spot with 03 international articles published in ISI-listed journals. This is considered a motivation for the Faculty of Economics to continue finding qualitative changes in scientific research activities.

In addition, students' scientific research activities are also focused on by the Faculty. Every year, the number of students registering to participate increases in both quantity and quality. Research results are always highly appreciated by the University and have practical significance.

In addition, the Faculty has organized many academic activities in professional groups to improve teaching quality. Implementing applied research cooperation programs with socio-economic organizations in Central and Central Highlands localities through socio-economic development projects and research projects. Appreciate the practical aspects of local economic development.