Proposed list to be presented to the scholarship consideration council to support students in difficult circumstances for the 45k, 46k, 47k, 48k

To prepare for the submission to the Scholarship Evaluation Board, the university has released the expected list for the evaluation of the Scholarship for students with difficult circumstances:

🎯 Students please note:

1. This is only the expected list, and the university will consider selecting students based on available funding. Therefore, students should carefully check their information and wait for the official decision if they are selected.

2. Students should check the following information:

- Full name, class, date of birth, academic performance, extracurricular achievements, scholarship eligibility level, and provide feedback on the scholarship evaluation process. Students who have submitted their applications for Scholarships support students in difficult circumstances within the deadline but do not find their names on the list should follow the steps below before 9:00 AM on April 11, 2023.

- Step 1: Fill in the information in the following link: https://bom.so/KDZndM

- Step 2: Contact the scholarship committee member of the department (during office hours) for adjustments: https://bom.so/NfGPFL

3. Student family circumstances (Level 1/Level 2):

- Level 1: Extremely poor family, orphaned with no parents, students with disabilities

- Level 2: Near-poor family, difficult circumstances

4. Students who have submitted their applications according to the regulations but have a GPA below 2.0 will be excluded from the list.

5. The university will only process applications submitted to the department within the specified deadline according to the announcement No. 248/TB-ĐHKT dated February 2, 2023, by the Rector of the University of Economics regarding the submission of applications for the Scholarships support students in difficult circumstances.

Deadline: before 9:00 AM on April 11, 2023

(After the above deadline, the university will close the form for official evaluation. Students will be responsible if they fail to follow the correct steps in case of incorrect information or failure to provide the required documents within the specified time frame.)

🎯 Expected list to be submitted to the Scholarship Evaluation Board:  Click here