Expected scholarship award list for the 46k, 47k, 48k, second semester of the academic year 2022-2023

The university announces the expected scholarship award list for the 46K, 47K, 48K intake (Academic Performance and Training Scholarship, Talent Scholarship, International Student Scholarship).

🎯 Students please note:

This is only the expected list, which may be subject to adjustments based on feedback and decisions from the council. Students should follow the official decision afterwards.

The university awards the Merit Scholarship to students who achieve high academic and training results, the Talent Scholarship, and the International Scholarship in priority order until the scholarship fund is exhausted. Specifically, scholarships are awarded based on each major until the fund for that major is depleted (students should compare their results within their major).

For 46K Talent Scholarship and 48K QT, please note that the university will consider awarding them later, as there is currently no allocated funding.

📣 Before asking questions, students must read the scholarship award regulations at:  https://bom.so/ZlUQ5f

If students have any questions or concerns, they should follow step 3 below.

If there is incorrect information about the student (name, class, date of birth, academic and training results, student ID...), or if there are any suggestions or concerns regarding the scholarship award process, students should fill in the information in the link below and then inform the scholarship committee of the department immediately.

Step 1: Fill in the information in the following link: https://bom.so/SmkDvj

Step 2: Students inform the scholarship committee of the department for adjustments (List of scholarship committee members:  https://bom.so/4eOq7u)

Deadline: before 3:00 PM, October 15, 2023

After the above deadline, the university will close the form for official evaluation, and students will be responsible if they fail to follow the correct steps in case of incorrect information or failure to timely report errors according to the instructions provided by the university.

🎯 Scholarship lists:

46K Scholarship (Encourage learning + International): https://bom.so/78BSbW

47K Scholarship (Encourage learning + Talent + International): https://bom.so/8MyBY6

48K Scholarship (Encourage learning + Talent + International): https://bom.so/V7Jm85