In order to enhance the quality of international publications by scientists of DUE - UD, on the basis of the Internal Expenditure Regulation issued in April 2021, the Department of Science & International Cooperation presents some new policies of supporting international publications of DUE as follows:

a) Maximum number of articles supported: 03 articles in prestigious international scientific journals/lecturer/year (calculated by the year of publication). These publications must belong to the groups of disciplines taught and researched at DUE - UD. Multidisciplinary journals (according to Scimago's Subject Area and Category) are not supported. In articles, authors should clearly state the name of the University in the section Author, place of work (University of Economics, the University of Danang or The University of Danang, University of Economics).

b) Conditions: DUE only supports authors of University of Economics - UD who have scientific articles (Journal articles) published in Q1, Q2 journals as ranked by ISI/Scopus and Q3 journals as ranked by Scimago and published in reputable publishers regulated by the National Foundation for Science and Technology (Nafosted) for the field of humanities and social sciences or for the field of science natural and technical (updated annually).

c) Support levels:

- ABDC class A* or ABS class 4*: 120 million VND / article

  - Scopus Q1 or ABDC class A or ABS class 4: 90 million VND/article

  - Scopus Q2: 60 million VND/article

  - Scopus Q3: 40 million VND/article

For articles published in Q4 journals as ranked by Scimago, the support level includes: 01 million VND/article (divided equally by the number of authors) and up to 03 million VND/article for publication fee (with proof).

d) The distribution of support levels is as follows:

- Main author (leading author or corresponding author): at most 1/3 of the amount of the article's maximum support. The remaining 2/3 of the total support amount is divided equally among all authors (including the main author).

  - In case the first author and the corresponding author are the same, the allocation ratio for the main author is 1/2. The remainder is proportionally distributed to all authors (including the main author).

  - In case the article has more than 1 corresponding author, the allocation rate for the orresponding author will be divided equally according to the number of orresponding authors.

  - The author is an official or a lecturer of DUE - UD and the article shows that the author's place of work includes: (i) University of Economics - UD and (ii) units outside DUE-UD, then the author's support amount corresponding to the article will have to be divided by 02. Authors (except for PhD students who has another contact address in parallel with DUE) can only be supported when the authors declare DUE - UD in the first position in the article.

e) Dossier: prepare 02 sets of documents (printed copies, signed) and send them to the Department of Science and International Affairs, including:

  - Application to receive support for reputable international articles.

- Table of contents of the issued volumn of journal(with clear information about the month/year of publication).

  - Full text of the article (with clear information about the month/year of publication).

  - Proof of the journal's rating in the Scimago system.

  - Look up information of DUE author on Scopus system.

  - Update the article on the scientific management system, link: https://khoahoc.due.udn.vn/

  - Createa an RePEc account and updated articles on the RePEc system (only for articles in the ISI/SSCI, Scopus categories in economics, business and management).

If you need more information, please contact via email: Khoahoc@due.edu.vn, phone number: 0236-3950.475.

  Best regards!


Department of Science and International Cooperation