International Economics

International Economics specialization (Economics major) aims to train bachelors with professional competence in order to evaluate, analyze, advise, plan and organize the implementation of policies; solve economic-related problems of socio-economic organizations in the context of globalization and international integration; have good qualities, have professional ethics; have information technology skills, foreign languages communication to adapt to the rapidly changing business and management environment.

Globalization and international economic integration have long become a trend leading to strong and extensive development of most countries in the world. Not standing out of the common flow of the world, Vietnam has been integrating deeply into the world economy and the region. In order to promote the exploitation of upwards and bring national benefits when embarked on the international economic integration, it is imperative to have a young workforce who can understand issues of the international economy, can analyze analyze all the movements of all fields in the economic flow of the world, have international transaction and negotiation skills... to adapt and work independently and creatively in a multicultural environment, globalization.