As a young lecturer, Dr. Le Minh Hieu - lecturer at the Faculty of Economics (University of Economics - University of Danang) already owns a "huge" collection of achievements in scientific research.

Leave to return

Born and raised in the romantic city of Hue, his parents were also math teachers, so Mr. Le Minh Hieu started love of mathematics right from the first numbers in elementary school. As one of the excellent students in the high-quality Math class at Hue University, Hieu chose to go to Belarus to realize his dream.

After graduating with a major in Computational Mathematics from Belarusian National University, Instead of choosing to stay abroad to work, Hieu chose the way back.

Because in the young student's mind, his homeland - the country - is still imprinted with memories and invitations to build and contribute.

Hieu has chosen to teach at the Faculty of Economics - University of Economics - University of Danang from 2010 to present.

“Sometimes I don't have the opportunity to choose a place to work, but when the school announces a recruitment position, as soon as I return to Vietnam I apply immediately. I think that's the fate of the profession.

Working in an advanced, dynamic academic environment has also helped satisfy my long-standing passion for scientific research.

Work style at school also create more creative motivation for staff, lecturers and students, especially young people like me."

In 2018, Le Minh Hieu completed the PhD program in Computational Mathematics at the Institute of Mathematics - National Academy of Sciences of Belarus and was assigned to teach subjects on Economic Mathematics at the Faculty of Economics.

Not only is he a talented researcher, Hieu is also a passionate teacher, regularly researching, creating and applying appropriate teaching methods for learners, leaving many impressions on generations of students. .

From 2017 up to now, Mr. Hieu has been the author and co-author of 26 scientific articles published in international journals under the ISI/Scope lists, in addition to dozens of articles published in other prestigious scientific journals.

Especially in 2020, Le Minh Hieu had up to 10 articles and in the first 6 months of 2021, there were 5 articles published in journals under the ISI/Scopus category.

A leader of the Department of Economics said that the ISI/Scopus list includes prestigious scientific journals in the world, used as a source by most science and technology organizations (research institutes, universities). Main reference to evaluate and rank the Science and Technology research capacity of an institute, a university...

“To get an ISI article, it usually takes researchers at least 1-2 years to get it published and the probability of rejection is very high (usually at least 85%) because of insufficient scientific content. study and contributions to the academic establishment and policy implications.

Therefore, with the number of 10 ISI/Scopus articles in 2020, Le Minh Hieu is a very special case," said the leader of this Faculty.

Doctor of Mathematics loves poetry

Although he is passionate about scientific research and teaching, Hieu is a romantic soul, loves literature, and likes to immerse himself in poetry and music. For you, Science and art as two passions with unique emotions. During the days of studying in Belarus, Hieu's love for art grew through his longing for his homeland. He composed about love and about his homeland with all my soul and true emotions.

“When today's life is overloaded, chaotic and filled with dark spots, turning to poetry is like a medicine to help people's souls relax.

Live a minute according to inspiration, write poetry for private moments, and keep a little romance," Hieu confided.

For him, writing poetry and composing music is not just relaxation, it is also a way to keep his soul light and calm. More calm in the hustle and bustle of life.

When asked about the love between science and art, he humorously said: "Art brings us to touch the most romantic emotions, but the joy in research is extremely simple and sincere joy. The feeling of discovering new knowledge is simply "wow".

To satisfy his passion for both science and art, Hieu has two separate blogs about Mathematics, Poetry and a YouTube channel about guitar. This is a small corner for Hieu to express his personal feelings, and is also a place to connect art-loving scientists like him.

As a young teacher and researcher, Le Minh Hieu cherishes many plans in the future, especially in the field of research: "Whether I am a teacher or a researcher, I always burn my heart out! If you do it, do it to the end, if you're passionate, you're passionate to the end," he said.

Some typical achievements:

In 2018, received a Certificate of Merit from the Chairman of the People's Committee of Da Nang city for having scientific articles published in prestigious journals under the ISI list.

In 2020, received a commendation for the 2020 Mathematics work of the National Key Program for Mathematics Development in the period 2010-2020.

In 2020, received an award for an article published in a prestigious international scientific journal in the 2020 ISI, SCI, SCIE list of the Ministry of Education and Training.

In 2021, received a Certificate of Merit from the Chairman of the Danang People's Committee for having excellent scientific articles published in prestigious journals under the ISI list.