• The Statement from the Dean of Faculty of Tourism

    The Statement from the Dean of Faculty of Tourism

    Although the Faculty of Tourism was established not until 2012, its tourism training and research activities due to its predecessor, the Department of Tourism, Faculty of Commerce - Tourism, began very early. On the basis of exploiting the cooperation relationship with Angers University of Hotel and Tourism, France, a specialized training program in Tourism Business has been built, a number of lecturers have been sent to France for training and started recruiting since 1990.


          Since then, many generations of lecturers have followed each other, the tourism major has made remarkable progress, and the training program has been continuously innovated and updated in line with the rapidly developing reality of the country’s tourism whilst integrating with the world training system. Both the scale and the training structure are constantly expanding. The starting course with only 28 students in a major in Tourism Economics, but now, the Faculty of Tourism recruits about 600 students in 3 majors of Tourism Business Management, Hospitality Management and Event Management annually.


           Along with training activities, scientific research activities were also soon emphasized. Right from its inception, with the lead agency being the People's Committee of Quang Nam - Danang province and the project leader being the Department of Tourism, the Department has acted as the editor for 03 tourism development master plans for Quang Nam province, Da Nang, Hoi An town and Duy Xuyen district. Every year, the lecturers in the Department also carry out many projects at the Ministry of Education and Training, University of Danang and The University of Economics level.


           Besides the cooperations with tourism businesses, international relations are highly focused. In addition to the training cooperation contracts signed with Banahills, VITOURS, cooperation projects and lecturer exchange signed with Saxion University of Tourism and Hospitality, the Netherlands, the Faculty is implementing training cooperation projects, both domestically and international.


           We are also extremely proud of the generations of tourism students who have high enrollment scores, and active Federations and Travelling Club.


           With the ambition of building the Faculty of Tourism to become a leading faculty of tourism-related business majors in the Central region, having a reputation in the country and achieving training quality on par with the region, we understand that our ambition can only be achieved if we arouse the aspirations of students, working closely with colleagues and tourism agencies and businesses.

           Tourism is the industry we have chosen to dedicate ourselves to, and education is a noble career. Myself and the Faculty of Tourism vow to try our best and look forward to the efforts of all students, the cooperation of colleagues and businesses.