After nearly a month of taking place in the photo contest "Rạng Rỡ DULI" season  the contest has attracted and received a lot of attention and enthusiastic response from Duliers.

With the affection that the students favor for  "Rạng Rỡ DULI" season 1, the Faculty's Executive Committee is pleased to deploy season 2 with many novelties in the form of content and contest topics. After the preliminary selection round, more than 20 quality contests were posted on the Faculty's fanpage through the online voting portal. Finally, after an active voting period with 70% likes, shares and 30% of the judges' score, the results of the contest are as follows:

First Prize: Class 43K03.4

Second Prize: Class 43K03.3

Third Prize: Class 43K03.1

Consolation Prize 1: Tourism Club

Consolation Prize 2: Class 44K26 

Consolation Prize 3: Friend Truong Dao Linh Kha

The contest  "Rạng Rỡ DULI'' had conveyed a meaningful message to everyone. It’s “sharing, connecting, and spreading love”. Let's take a look back at some of the shared posts that the students have sent to the contest.

The post, shared by Tran Ton Quoc Thien - from class 45K25, who is a freshman at Economics of university: "After leaving Hoa Vang, I was welcomed by DUE, especially the faculty of Tourism. When I registered for event and festival management. I was greeted by DUE that was conveyed to me by my seniors so that I wouldn't be surprised: the event class (K26) only had one class. I was quite surprised when I heard the news because I didn't think the industry was "hot" like this. I don't know whether my upcoming class will be as wonderful as they are. I mean they like the way Z6 has brought me. Until now, I have always kept in my high-school class since I had a memorable period there. I wish it would last forever. But every fun comes to an end, no story without parting. 45K26 picked me up as a class quite similar to my Z6. We seem to have known each other before or because it's easier to catch each other's emotions when people grow up? I'm impressed by 45K26 when we play together, work together at the freshman camp. I learned more skills and met multi-talented people that I had never had before.Together we have a lot of new experiences with 45K26. Although my class has just entered the school, it is not inferior to the seniors. The people are talented and proof of that is the second prize of the last camp group. 45k26 is a group that I always envisioned and wished for when I first entered the university's door. Thank you very much 45K26, hope that we can be together forever on the next track and create more radiant marks so that we can appreciate each other more. Well, the total number of my class is 38 and forever like that no matter what the future holds, 38 people of youth, enthusiasm, and dedication.”

Next is the sharing of an anonymous friend from "Nha Tim": 

Hello my lovely “Tim” birds, are you there?

Giving 43K for the last days of being together... (allow me to call you - me to synchronize ^^)

Today, on the occasion of the faculty holding a photo contest and having "reduced" the deadline, I want to write you a few lines again. It is said that whoever meets each other in the world is already a predestined relationship and maybe our predestined relationship is so deep that when we meet, we can't leave.

Maybe we are not people with special talents but just ordinary students who have the experience to find what we like.

Recently, it has been more than 1 year as a member of the “ Tim” family. In the first days, I immediately set up a chatbox to talk all night without getting bored. Then the programs of the faculty started, we had the opportunity to get closer and understand each other better. We never dated at a fancy restaurant, never at a flashy movie theater, our date was just around Do Ba bowls of noodles, a few cups of tea at Phan Tu. But maybe just like that, we understand each other, love each other, and encourage each other in each program. We have quarrels, conflicts, fatigue, discouragement, sometimes we also feel lost, but fortunately, we still did not choose to lose each other. Thank you for being the driving force of each other's efforts throughout the college years.

Maybe in a certain future we will no longer have the opportunity to go together, we each go in a different direction, but I really hope that everyone will not forget each other, and will not forget that we used to stick together like that. which. It is said that if our life is a train, there will be some people who are just passengers on that train, when they arrive they will have to get off the train. Just hope none of us become passengers on that train, but we will forever be a family!"