• Introduction

    About Us

    Founded on 30th January 2018 in accordance with the Decision No 464 / QĐ-ĐHKT, The Faculty of E-commerce- Danang University of Economics- The University of Danang has three major teaching programs: Commerce Management, E-Commerce and Data Science and Business Analytics, which the number of annual student intake is expected to reach approximately 300. These majors used to belong to the Faculty of Commerce and the Faculty of Statistics- Informatics. This is the first E-Commerce Department in The Central of Vietnam training E-commerce Major’s students according to specific standard by which students are not only taught by internal lecturers but also external lecturers who are professional experts in their fields. Besides, there are internship programs during courses with an increase of 30% in the practice at businesses,  providing in depth training on many aspects for students.

    Regarding academic staffs, there are 19 resident academic staffs in which 6 of them have Doctoral degree, 10 members have Master’s degree. Additionally, the Faculty also has 2 PhD students who have been studying and researching at some oversea universities.

    There are modern facilities serving the Faculty’s Students such as a full -service library and reading rooms, lecture rooms with projection booth and digital lectern, Free wi-fi system, the digital resources of learning materials updated regularly, especially foreign language materials, online learning systems (E-learning) and Online Studying Management System.

    Concerning Corporate Collaboration, The Faculty always pays a special attention to Business Relation Activities to support students to have opportunities to involve practical tasks in enterprises such as internship, extra-curricular, workshops, etc. Businesses and Organisations are also invited to advise the Faculty on the development of training programs to meet the human resource requirements of the society, especially in the context of Industrial Revolution 4.0.

    The priority of the Faculty is to achieve and maintain high standard of teaching and researching excellence in E-Commerce and Commerce sectors. E-Commerce department’s staffs always pursue two explicit aims of teaching and researching. For the former one, we place a great emphasis on career development of our students whereby improving strong relations with businesses and fulfilling their labor requirements are very crucial. For the later one, we have been making tireless efforts to combine high international academic standards with the practical needs of business as well as society. With a belief that research activities not only contribute to knowledge, provide research experience, but also create talented and energetic researchers to assist teaching tasks in the Faculty; we are fostering an active academic community.

    Concerning International Cooperation Opportunities, the Faculty has been seeking and engaged in collaborative projects as well as partnerships all over the world. Possible areas for cooperation include:

    • Exchange Agreements such as: Student exchange, Staff exchange.
    • Research collaboration between academic staffs or research students.
    • Knowledge sharing.
    • Developing Teaching and Researching Team in which the main research direction, currently, focuses on Data Science (for example: Business Intelligence, Data Mining, Big Data, Business Automation, v..v).
    • Co-publishing.

    Some research topics in Commerce Management Sector

    • Customer Behaviour in Commerce (Shopping Behaviour, Customers’ Experience at Store)
    • Models of trade association by geography, by industry
    • Modern distribution patterns
    • New models for commercial corporate governance
    • Multi-channel, Cross-channel, Omi-channel systems
    • Customers Behaviour at Store
    • Community Customer Behaviour

    Some research topics in E-Commerce Sector

    • Data science research, specialising in Business Intelligence, Data Visualisation, Data Mining, Big Data, etc.
    • The processes of adopting technology in business (Business Automation,  AI, Digitalisation,…)
    • Trends and Characteristics of E-commerce Market in Vietnam and on the world as well
    • Online customer behaviour
    • Ecommerce models
    • New technologies applied in commerce and business
    • Applied Research: Research Guideline on Applied Research and Business Consultancy
    • Training, consulting trade system development (Wholesale, retail, warehouse, shop ...)
    • Consulting, developing strategies for commercial development, e-commerce.
    • Business optimization consulting (service improvement, system optimization, process automation, ...)
    • Research and Development of Online Marketing (SEM - Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing ...)
    • Research and development of modern commercial management systems (eCRM, eLogistics, ePayment, ...)
    • Analyze business data and forecasts
    • Research and application of new technologies into commercial administration.