Ngo Trieu Long


+ Year of graduation: 2019 (41K14)

+ Workplace: FPT Data Science Application Center (CADS) - A strategic unit of DC5 (Digital Conglomerate 5.0, aiming to become an organization that creates happiness for each person and success for each organization)

+ Position: Team leader Data Scientist

+ Outstanding achievements:

Promising employee in 2019

An excellent employee in 2020

Excellent project in 2020

Typical Mentor in 2021

+ How has the program responded and supported the current job: The courses are well-equipped with both technological and economic knowledge to work on projects involving data science, specifically program provides:

-        Knowledge of programming is essential for students to have the foundational understanding needed to learn more complex techniques, such as bigdata. This knowledge includes programming languages, data structures and algorithms, and databases.

-        Statistics and data mining courses help student understanding and exploiting algorithms for data mining

Instead of solely concentrating on the technical, students benefit from knowledge in economics, including marketing, business administration, project management, and human resources, which helps them develop a business mindset beside technical one.