Socio-Economic Statistics - Graduation Internship Plan - 2nd Semester, Academic Year 2022/2023


- Based on the goals and the Economic and Social Statistics program of the University of Economics, University of Danang.

- Based on the school's plan for the 2021/22 academic year, the Faculty of Statistics and Informatics is developing a graduation internship plan for Economic – Social Statistics students for the 2nd semester of the 2022/23 academic year as follows:


1. About ideology

Students can immerse themselves in the business environment, apply and develop the knowledge and skills from the university to the realistic working environment, raise political awareness, practice moral qualities, and improve their responsibility to the Party, nation, agencies, businesses and citizens.

2. About specialty

Participating in learning about the work in the internship unit, training the ability to apply scientific knowledge to address real problems.

Comprehend the organizational structure, content and process of jobs at the internship unit, such as Internal economic information system; the process and results of applying IT to the storage, processing and provision of information to serve the requirements of management at all levels; processes and results of IT application in operations and management…

Deeply study a practical problem in Management Information Systems, apply the learned knowledge to solve the posed problems, practice scientific methodology, and systematically present research problems.

The specific result is the completion of a graduation thesis and accompanying products (programs, documents, etc.) during the implementation of the thesis.


- Improve self-discipline, independence and creativity while performing internship tasks.

- Regularly take advantage of the guidance of instructors and staff at the internship unit to complete the internship tasks according to the prescribed content and schedule.

- Must strictly adhere to all guidelines and policies of the Party and Vietnamese laws and all rules and regulations of the internship unit and the university.


Internship time duration: From 06/02/2023 to 21/5/2023, as follows:


Main Tasks

From 06/02/2023 to12/02/2023

(1 week)

Students visit the internship unit, find the overview, and select the topic acknowledged by the internship unit and the instructors.

From 13/02/2023 to 26/02/2023

(2 weeks)

Research prepares preliminary outlines acknowledged by instructors.

From 27/02/2023 to 05/3/2023

(1 week)

Research, prepare detailed outlines

From 06/3/2023 to12/3/2023

(1 week)

Detailed outlines are acknowledged by instructors

From 13/3/2023 to02/4/2023


Complete draft of internship report, acknowledged by the instructor

From 03/4/2023 to30/4/2023

(4 weeks)

Complete internship report, acknowledged by the instructor, receiving feedback from internship unit.

From01/5/2023 to21/5/2023


Summarizing the internship, students return to university and submit 02 original copies of the graduation thesis and accompanying products (if any).

From22/5/2023 to28/5/2023


Graduation internship report defense.

From29/5/2023 to04/6/2023

(1 week)

Graduation thesis defense.


1. Internship site: Provinces and cities in Vietnam

2. Instructors:

  • Le Dan, PhD
  • Ngo Tan, MSc
  • Nguyen Thi Huong, PhD
  • Nguyen Ba The, MSc
  • Doan Ngoc Canh, PhD
  • Tran Phuoc Tru, PhD
  • Nguyen Van Cang, MSc
  • Phan Thi Bich Van, MSc
  • Pham Quang Tin, PhD