MIS Graduation Internship Plan - 2nd Semester, Academic Year 2022/2023


- Based on the objectives and the bachelor program of Management Information System of University of Economics, University of Danang.

- Based on the annual plan for the academic year 2022/23, the Faculty of Statistics and Informatics develops a graduation internship plan for the Management Information System students of the 2nd semester, academic year 2022/23 as follows:


1. Ideology

Students can immerse themselves in the business environment, apply and develop the knowledge and skills learning from the university to the realistic working environment, raise political awareness, practice moral qualities, improve their responsibility to the Party, nation, agencies, businesses and citizen.

2. Specialty

Participate in learning about the work in the internship unit, thereby training the ability to apply scientific knowledge to address problems in reality.

Comprehend the organizational structure, content and process of jobs at the internship unit, such as Internal economic information system; the process and results of applying IT to the storage, processing and provision of information to serve the requirements of management at all levels; the processes and outcomes of IT application in operation and management the business, and so on.

Deeply study a practical problem in the field of Management Information System, and apply the learned knowledge to solve the issues posed.  Practice the scientific methodology and systematically present research problems.

The specific result is a completed graduation report and accompanying products (i.e. programs and documents) during the graduation internship.


- Improve self-discipline, independence and creativity while performing internship tasks.

- Regularly take advantage of the guidance of instructors and staff at internship unit to successfully complete the internship tasks according to the prescribed content and schedule.

- Must strictly adhere to all guidelines and policies of the Party and Vietnamese laws as well as all rules and regulations of the internship unit and the University.


Internship time duration: From 06/02/2023 to 19/5/2023, as follows:


Main Tasks

From 06/02/2023 to11/02/2023
(1 week)

Students contact their instructors

From 13/02/2023 to 18/02/2023
(1 week)

Students visit the internship unit, find out the actual overview, select the topic acknowledged by the internship unit and the instructors.

From 20/02/2023 to 25/02/2023
(2 weeks)

Prepare preliminary outlines acknowledged by instructors.

From 27/02/2023 to 04/3/2023
(1 week)

Prepare detailed outlines

From 06/3/2023 to11/3/2023
(1 week)

Detailed outlines are acknowledged by instructors

Submit the detailed outlines via the E-learning website

From 13/3/2023 to15/4/2023
(5 weeks)

Complete draft of internship report, acknowledged by the instructor

Submit the draft via the E-learning website

From17/4/2023 to06/5/2023
(3 weeks)

Complete internship report, acknowledged by the instructor, receiving feedback from the internship unit.

From08/5/2023 to13/5/2023
(1 week)

Students return to university and submit 02 original hard copies of the graduation thesis and accompanying products (if any) to the supervisors.

Submit electronic copies of the internship reports and related documents via the E-learning website.

From14/5/2023 to19/5/2023
(1 week)

Graduation intership report defense.


1. Internship region: Central and Central Highlands provinces

2. Instructors:

  • Hoang Thi Thanh Ha, PhD
  • Nguyen Thanh Thuy, MSc
  • Nguyen Van Chuc, MSc
  • Phan Dinh Van, PhD
  • Cao Thi Nham, MSc
  • Nguyen Thi Uyen Nhi, PhD
  • Tran Thi Thu Thao, MSc