Name of major: Philosophy

    Code: 60 22 03 01

    1. Objectives:

    1.1. General objective:

    - Participate in the training of high-quality human resources in the field of theory, especially in the field of philosophy, and at the same time contribute to the process of building the University of Danang into a multidisciplinary research-oriented university. multidisciplinary.

          - Train staff with high qualifications in basic theory, solid political qualities, good ethics and ability to conduct research on practical problems posed in their expertise to be solved. decide.

         - The Master's program in Philosophy of the Faculty of Political Theory, University of Economics, University of Danang aims to train scientists in the field of Philosophy with high theoretical qualifications, method of dialectical thinking, independent, skilled in scientific research, knows how to apply theoretical knowledge to solve practical problems posed in life, to meet and build a team of active lecturers and staff. discover and solve new problems of scientific significance and possess sufficient knowledge and skills to guide scientific research.

    1.2. Detail goal

              a. According to research orientation:

              - Consolidate, equip and update knowledge about the history of Eastern philosophy, the history of Western philosophy before Marx and modern philosophy, the basic principles of Marxist-Leninist philosophy, philosophical thought Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh's philosophical thought, philosophical issues in the natural sciences.

              - Train the ability to apply philosophical knowledge and methods to research and explain theoretical problems being posed in the process of building socialism in our country, and solve pressing problems. of life. At the same time, clarifying pressing problems of the world today related to our country, such as globalization, international economic integration, environmental issues, knowledge economy.

              - Associate the study of professional philosophy with improving the level of foreign languages, specifically teaching and researching a number of subjects such as pre-Marxist Western philosophy and modern Western philosophy, political science and some other subjects. English-Vietnamese bilingualism, ensuring graduates have the ability to use English in research and teaching, participate in international cooperation, participate in international conferences.

              b. According to research orientation:

              - Provide in-depth knowledge in the field of philosophy through the following modules: History of Eastern philosophy, history of Western philosophy before Marx and modern philosophy, basic issues of Marxism about dialectic, materialism, Vietnamese philosophical thought, Ho Chi Minh's philosophical thought. Since then, forming a worldview, a scientific outlook on life becomes a tool to support solving practical problems of work, management and administration of organizations in the political system.

              - Expand interdisciplinary knowledge by deeply studying some issues of modern political economy, issues of culture, beliefs, social progress, socio-political issues of the land country, the leadership role of the Party, the operation of the political system in social management, global development issues and the trend towards the philosophy of sustainable development.

              - Providing practical knowledge, arguments and solving socio-political problems on the basis of dialectical thinking. Mastering the requirements, development orientation according to the past and present time series and forecasting the future based on the basic knowledge of social philosophy, cultural philosophy, political philosophy, and Party and state management.

    2. Output standard

    2.1. Common output standard

    - Master in a comprehensive, complete and systematic way at a high level the knowledge of the field of philosophy.

    - Equipped with the latest research in the field of Philosophy.

    - Have a broad and interdisciplinary vision; aware of complex interrelationships in solving particular problems.

    - Ability to research independently, creatively, proactively discover and solve new problems of academic and practical significance.

    - Ability to organize scientific research and guide scientific research independently.

    - Having skills in presenting and publishing scientific works according to common standards, skills in using foreign languages ​​in scientific research and professional communication.

    2.2. Specific output standards

    a. According to research orientation

    - Equip specialized knowledge in philosophy: History of Western and Eastern philosophy, basic issues of Marxist-Leninist philosophy, philosophy in Ho Chi Minh thought, dialectical thinking method in logic and cognitive theory.

    - Ability to apply theoretical knowledge to practical activities, and at the same time to explain theoretical problems being posed in the process of building socialism in our country.

    - Using the knowledge learned to study some philosophical issues from theory to practice. Using the knowledge to teach philosophy at schools and academic exchanges with research groups and institutes studying socio-political issues.

               b. Application-oriented output standard

     - Provides a comprehensive view of the development of philosophy, emphasizing the world view, scientific and revolutionary outlook of the Marxist-Leninist philosophy on perception and world reform in the current period. now on. From there, forming a scientific working style, and at the same time creating a unity between theory and practice in solving specific problems.

    - Capable of absorbing philosophical issues expressed in culture, politics, lines and policies of the Party and State. From there, forming a practical guiding point of view in solving basic local problems related to culture and society.

    - Equipped with awareness and working methods on the basis of scientific thinking to solve local hot-spot issues in accordance with the Constitution and laws, the Party's guiding views, and at the same time in line with the Vietnamese culture is "both rational and sentimental".

    3. Time and form of training

              Training period: 02 years or 1.5 years

              Form of training: For research master, training in the form of full-time concentration for 1.5 years; for applied masters, training is in the form of an intermittent concentration of 2 years.