• Research Areas

    The Faculty of Finance aims to become one of the leading finance departments in research activities. Our faculty members and students are actively involved in both academic and applied research, contributing to creating new knowledge and to solving practical problems.
    The research interest of the faculty covers major areas of modern finance:

    • Corporate Finance.
    • Corporate Governance.
    • Game Theory
    • Microstructure of Financial Markets
    • Empirical Asset Pricing
    • International Finance
    • Financial Institutions
    • Financial Econometrics
    • Financial Crisis
    • Financial Risk
    • Financial Engineering)
    • Financial Media
    • Economic Growth
    • Policy Analysis
    • Production Optimization

    In particular, members of the faculty have had many researches published in the world’s leading journals in finance and management such as: Journal of Financial Economics (ISI), Journal of Financial Markets (ISI), Pacific-Basin Finance Journal (ISI), Journal of the Operational Research Society (ISI), International Journal of Economic Research (SCOPUS),International Journal of Services and Operations Management (SCOPUS), International Journal of Operational Research (SCOPUS), etc.

    Moreover, many of our faculty members were invited to present at prestigious international scientific conferences such as: FMA European Conference, Kristiansand, Norway, FMA Annual, Meeting, Boston, Massachusetts, USA, FMA Annual Meeting, San Diego, California, USA, MIT Asia Conference in Accounting, Chengdu, China, Australasian Finance and Banking Conference, Sydney, Australia, Midwest Finance Association Annual Conference, Chicago, USA, Conference on Financial Markets and Corporate Governance, Melbourne, Australia, Asian Finance Association (AsianFA) Conference, Changsha, China, The Paris Financial Management Conference, Paris, France, International Business Research Conference, Melbourne, Australia, Annual Paris Conference on Money, Economy and Management, Paris, France, Asia Pacific Industrial Engineering &Management Systems Conference, Beijing, China, ASIASIM Conference, Seoul, Korea, International Conference on Simulation and Modeling, AIT, Thailand. 

    In particular, the lecturers of the Faculty have academic studies published in the world's leading scientific journals in the fields of finance and management science such as: Journal of Financial Economics (ISI), Journal of Financial Markets(ISI), Pacific-Basin Finance Journal (ISI), Journal of the Operational Research Society (ISI), International Journal of Economic Research (SCOPUS),International Journal of Services and Operations Management (SCOPUS), International Journal of Operational Research (SCOPUS).

    To improve academic qualifications and update new financial research methods and models,
    The reading group of Faculty organizes monthly academic sessions on corporate finance, asset valuation and corporate governance topics. These events provide an opportunity for teachers to develop their research ideas.


    Faculty of Finance, University of Economics - University of Da Nang regularly co-organizes international conferences that are highly appreciated by the academic community. Especially, the Faculty of Finance has also frequently coordinated with the Vietnam International Finance Association (VIFAI), Foreign Trade University, and University of Economics and Law, Viet Nam National University-HCM organized successfully Viet Nam International Conference in Finance – VCIF. VICIF is an international conference, is an ideal forum for scientists to share research projects and discuss in-depth financial topics. 
    Also, the International Conference on Accounting and Finance- ICOAF held by University of Economics, Danang University in collaboration with Yokohama National University (Japan) and Aston University (UK) co-organized, marking another milestone of success in scientific research and international cooperation. ICOAF was attended by a large number of scientists from all over the world, leading experts in Accounting - Finance, researchers from Universities and Institutes throughout Vietnam, and representatives of the city government, leaders of the University of Da Nang and lecturers of the University of Economics. 
    Regarding students’ research, the Faculty of Finance regularly organizes seminars to introduce and orient scientific research for students, helping students to initially get acquainted with research work and develop thinking skills, discover knowledge and apply to solve problems posed in practice in the future. With the aim of becoming a strong Faculty in scientific research, the Faculty of Finance considers consulting activities, orientation as the central activity in each academic year to arouse passion and promote scientific research among students.
    In addition, in order to orient and enhance scientific research capabilities among students, help them understand scientific research methods, continue to promote the spirit of passion, explore scientific research, improve the quality of student scientific research projects, Faculty of Finance organized series workshops with topics on empirical research methodology in Finance - Banking.

    For more information about the faculty’s publications: Click here