All types of organizations need people who are well-equipped with financial knowledge. Training programs of The Faculty of Finance will provide and equip learners with a solid foundation to confidently step into the future career regardless of whether your career dreams are Financial Specialists, Financial Managers, Financial Analysts, Financial Advisors, or Financial Researchers.

    The Faculty of Finance is currently taking responsibilities for two undergraduate training programs and cooperating with Faculty of Banking in training two postgraduate programs as follows:

    Undergraduate program (Full-time mode of study)

    + Bachelor of Finance and Banking, majoring in Corporate Finance.

    The undergraduate programme in Corporate Finance is designed to provide students with a fundamental understanding of general business principles and allow them to develop specialized knowledge in the finance area. Students will be equipped with fundamental knowledge of finance and banking in order to build an understanding of financial activities in businesses, in financial markets and institutions.

    Furthermore, the programme will provide students with in-depth knowledge of corporate finance operations, core knowledge of accounting and other advanced financial topics such as international finance, auditing, and banking operations. The programme also facilitates students in building their self-study abilities, critical thinking, communication and teamwork skills. Thanks to this programme design, Corporate Finance students will have the opportunity to transfer their bachelor degrees via 2+2 or 3+1 programmes or continue their postgraduate studies in developed countries.

    Upon graduation, Corporate Finance graduates can work at different financial-related positions in various types of organisations and sectors, such as Financial managers at various business forms; Financial consultants at financial institutions; Researchers at government sectors or non-profit organizations. Graduates will be awarded degree in “Finance - Banking” and the transcript with be marked with a specialization in “Corporate Finance”.

    The Corporate Finance programme objectives are that after graduation, Corporate Finance students will be able to:

     - Become financial consultants, managers or executives in businesses and other organizations (PO1)

    - Become investors who can make independent financial decisions (PO2)

    - Engage in lifelong learning to adapt to rapidly changing economic and financial environments (PO3)

    + Bachelor of Business Administration, majoring in Financial Administration.

      The Financial Management major is designed to provide students with a fundamental understanding of general business principles and allow them to develop specialist knowledge in managing the financial actions of businesses. Student will be equipped with fundamental knowledge of business administration in order to build an understanding of administration activities in businesses. Furthermore, the program will provide students with in-depth knowledge of financial management placed in an interactive relationship with other management functions in the business such as production management, marketing management, etc.

     Upon graduation, graduates can take up positions of financial management positions at all levels of hierarchy in different types of businesses, as well as a number of job positions in agencies and financial institutions. Graduates can undertake jobs such as financial analysis and planning, treasury management, asset and capital management, credit management, financial risk management, and merger & acquisition management, financial management in multi-national corporations.

    Graduates will be awarded degree in “Business Administration” and the transcript with be marked with a specialization in “Financial Management”.

    Cooperation with the Faculty of Banking for postgraduate training

    + Master in Finance - Banking

    + PhD in Finance - Banking

    Join with the Faculty of Finance, students will study and participate in research work with a high-qualified workforce of experienced and dedicated lecturers, including 06 Associate Professors, 5 Doctors and 11 Masters. All of them have majored in Finance and graduated from renowned universities in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, France, Russia, Ireland and Thailand. The Faculty also receives the massive support and collaboration in teaching and research from experts, executives of reputable companies and major financial institutions in Vietnam. The faculty’s lecturers have been doing sciences-research collaboration with international prestige scientists all over the world, especially the United States, Australia and New Zealand.

    In addition, the teaching and learning facilities and equipment are adequate and updated to support education and research. All classrooms are well-equipped with projectors, computers, speakers, air conditions. The university library and its resources are adequate and updated with nearly 300,000 textbooks and reference books, domestic and international specialized magazines to support education and research. Wireless internet connection covers the entire campus that enables students to have internet access anytime and anywhere. Furthermore, a variety of extracurricular activities will bring an advanced academic environment associated with professional practice for student.

    Join with us and feel the difference!