• Study at Faculty of Finance in 2024

    Being classified in the group of high-paying majors after graduation, the finance industry always attracts the attention of many students and parents. Where is the good place to study Finance?

    Faculty of Finance at UD-DUE is one of the reliable education and training institutions in Vietnam that supply high-quality human resources in the financial field meeting the demand of socio-economic development of the nation in general and the central region in particular.

    Joining with the Faculty of Finance, students are provided with a fundamental understanding of general economic and business principles and specialist knowledge in finance area by a high-qualified workforce of experienced and dedicated lecturers. Furthermore, Faculty of Finance at UD-DUE is also a place where students develop their research capacity as well as practice their professional skills through both academic and youth-union extracurricular activities.

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    In the academic year 2024-2025, the Faculty of Finance open application for students in the full-time mode study at the University with three majors, namely Financial Technology, Corporate Finance and Financial Management.

    + Major: Financial Technology 

    University Admission Code: DDQ

    Program Admission Code: 7340205

    Program: Financial Technology

    + Major: Corporate Finance

    University Admission Code: DDQ

    Program Admission Code: 7340201

    Program: Finance – Banking

    + Major: Financial Management

    University Admission Code: DDQ

    Program Admission Code: 7340101

    Program: Business Administration