• Overview Faculty of Finance

    For the purpose of developing human resources in the financial sector to meet the practical needs of the enterprise community and local organizations, Department of Finance was established in November 2014. The forerunner of the Department of Finance is the Department of Finance administrated by Faculty of Finance-Banking and the Department of Financial Management administrated by the Faculty of Business Administration, Danang University of Economics.

    Faculty of Finance‘s main goals are training and providing high quality human resources in the financial sector, to response the demand of economic- society development of the Middle and Highland region. This is also the suitable address for enhancing scientific-research capacity, practicing skills in the modern international environment.

    Faculty of Finance has 2 Divisions: Corporate Finance and Financial Investment, including 6 Associate Professors, 4 Philosophy Doctors, 3 PhD students, 8 Masters with high qualifications, specialize trained in financial sector from the major universities of the advanced countries such as the USA, Canada, Australia, Great Britain, France, Russia, Taiwan, Thailand... In addition, the Faculty also receives the support and collaboration in teaching and research from experts, executives of reputable companies and major financial institutions in Vietnam. The faculty’s lecturer have been doing sciences-research collaboration with international prestige scientists all over the world, especially the USA, Australia, New Zealand.

    Faculty of Finance currently offers the following programs at undergraduate and postgraduate levels:

    Undergraduate Full-time: (the mass program and the high-quality program):

    + BA in Finance - Banking, majoring in Corporate Finance.

    + BA in Business Administration, majoring in Finance Management.

    Postgraduate programs with Faculty of Banking:

    + Master in Finance - Banking.

    + PhD in Finance - Banking.

    Faculty of Finance aims to become the leading training center in Vietnamese financial sector, providing high-quality human resources with international standards, the prestigious center of research and knowledge transfer in the field of finance of Vietnam and ASEAN community.