• Financial Management

    What is Financial Management?

    Financial management is one of the important functions of any organization, the financial function is involved in investment and financing decisions, and cash flow management to achieve the organization's goals. The Financial Management major is aimed at training professional financial managers operating in for-profit and non-profit organizations. Graduates have the ability to integrate into a team of qualified financial human resources according to international standards.

    What will students learn?


    + Basic knowledge of socio-economic, environmental and business activities in the integration trend, including: economics, administration, business law, econometrics, etc.

    + General knowledge of corporate governance, including: strategic management, marketing, production, human resources, finance, etc.

    + In-depth specialized knowledge, including: financial analysis, strategic financial planning, accounting, financial investment, and financial risk management., etc.


    + Develop the functions of managers, including: Planning, Organizing, Leading, Evaluating and Controlling.

    Enhance analytical, planning, and decision-making capabilities in the financial sector.

    + Effectively use financial analysis tools and use English specialized in finance effectively.


    + Comply with laws and professional standards.

    + Proper awareness and responsibility for the profession.

    + Collaboration and learning to improve professional knowledge and skills.

    Why should students choose this major?

    High-quality human resources are increasingly interested in society, especially in the financial sector. A new field requires human resources with in-depth knowledge and skills to meet management requirements in the integration period. The financial management major provides a Business Administration degree, focusing on the financial function will open up many job opportunities, giving learners complete confidence to integrate into the financial workforce according to their needs. international standards.

    What can students do after completing their studies?

     The Financial Management major offers job opportunities related to the financial sector, including:

    + Financial manager in enterprises, responsible for preparing financial statements, planning and analyzing financials, developing tax policies, dividends, credit management, treasury management, Insurance and risk management.

    + Financial managers in financial institutions, can take on positions such as credit management, risk management, customer relationship management, product development and financial services.

    + Financial managers in government and non-governmental agencies, jobs related to budgeting, investment and financing, regulation and tax law.