Congratulations Huynh Minh Tri – Class of 43k16 on winning the first prize of “Road to the Top of Economics” Contest

“Road to the top of ECONOMICS” is an annual academic program organized by the ECO-Fun Club in cooperation with the Student Union and Faculty of Economics of the University of Economics - UD. With the desire to create a fruitful playing field and conditions for students to interact, learn and hone soft skills, the questions in the competition focus on economics and social knowledge, along with business and corporate knowledge. Inheriting the success of the previous year, The “Road to the top of ECONOMICS” season 4 is back with diverse and practical questions to make economic knowledge closer and more interesting to students.

With the participation of more than 150 contestants in the preliminary round with 55 multiple-choice questions in many fields from economics to social knowledge, 8 teams reached the semi-finals and 4 excellent teams with 8 contestants has been chosen to participate in the final round.

The final night took place on April 19, 2019, at Hall A with the participation of the judges from the Faculty of Economics: Mr. Nguyen Chuong, Dr. Nguyen Thi Thu Ha, Ms.Tran Thi Thuy Ngoc and guest examiner Mr. Hoang Van Long - currently working at Danang Institute for Socio-Economic Development. In addition, there were also the attendance of Ms. Tran Thi Thanh Thao - Student Union President - Deputy Secretary of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union, Mr. Tran Dang Nhan - Lecturer of Economics Faculty, and ECO Fun Club advisor.

Throughout the extremely dramatic competitions, Hall A was warmed up with the enthusiastic cheers of the audience. Finally, the Duc Tri team (Hoang Minh Duc - 44K20.2 and Huynh Minh Tri - 43K16) from the Faculty of Economics and the Faculty of Finance conquered the champion of the “Road to the top of ECONOMICS” this year.

On behalf of the Faculty of Finance, congratulations to Huynh Minh Tri - 43K16 for your high achievement in the contest.