Dang Ngoc Huong - Electronic Payment Project Development Specialist - Garena Vietnam

Name: Dang Ngoc Huong

Class: 37K15.1

GPA: 3.49/4   Degree classification: Very good

Specialization: Corporate Finance

Faculty: Finance

Achievements and rewards achieved during training:

·  Third prize in DYNAMIC contest - Student of Future Entrepreneurs

The positions held after graduation until now:

·  Electronic payment project developer - Garena Vietnam

Comment on the student's major from Dang Ngoc Huong:

"Four years of studying Corporate Finance have helped me build a knowledge base on how the banking and financial system operates in the economy. Along with my skills cultivated in the process of studying and extracurricular activities, I am always confident when performing the mission with my colleagues on a daily basis: Providing convenient payment solutions for the people of Vietnam. "