Lam Bao Ngoc - Marketing officer at Danang Home Cooking Class

Name: Lam Bao Ngoc

Date of birth: 28/06/1994

Class: 38K16-CLC

Specialization: Financial Management

Faculty: Finance

GPA: 3.0       Degree classification: Good

Achievements and rewards achieved during training:

·         Valse 1st Prize, 2012 Lovely Night Couple's Second Prize.

·         Prize consolation prize for the Olympic English of UD, non-professional block

·         Some musical awards: Prize B of the 2013 Revolutionary Songs Festival, Second Prize of the Student Song Journey in Danang, 2013 Rubik of Music Semifinals, School representatives participated in Student 2014 in Hanoi, . . .

·         Head of Finance Administration (2014). Deputy Secretary of the Executive Committee of the Inter-branch of the Union of Finance Faculty (2015). Certificate of Merit from the Delegation of the University of Economics and the Student Union of the University of Danang

The positions held after graduation until now:

·         English teacher for Topica Native, belongs to Topica Edtech Group

·         After graduating from January 2017: Tour guide and Marketing staff at Da Nang Home Cooking Class, a city tour and cooking teaching for international tourists.

Comment on the student's major from Lam Bao Ngoc:

"Through the recent programs, I feel that the juniors in the Faculty Executive Committee have" far surpassed "our generation, with new achievements, new organization, and more importantly, new friendships.What I can tell you who are sticking with the Inter-branch of the Union in particular, and who are active in Union activities in general is that: After graduating from school, what remains is not what achievement you achieved, but how much effort you put into learning, and which friends are there for you to trust in your future path. I also wish the teachers always healthy and discerning, to guide the students on the path of knowledge. "