Truong Hoang Long - Auditor at Vietnam KPMG Limited Company

Truong Hoang Long - Alumni of Class 38K16, Faculty of Finance of the University of Economics - Danang University has successfully completed the study program and graduated with a cumulative GPA of 3.55. With enthusiasm, Hoang Long has participated in many activities and deserved credit.

Name: Truong Hoang Long

Date of birth: 10/10/1994

Class: 38K16-CLC

Specialization: Financial Management

Faculty: Finance

GPA: 3.55      Degree classification: Very good

Achievements and rewards achieved during training:

·         The third prize for the conference of scientific research students at the University of Danang.

·         Consolation prize for the contest "potential CPA" of University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City.

·         Certificate of Merit for students with excellent academic achievement in Finance - school year 2014-2015

The positions held after graduation until now:

·         Auditor at Vietnam KPMG Co., ltd

Comment on the student's major from Truong Hoang Long:

"The major in Financial Management not only provides me with a useful knowledge base, but also builds me the analytical and management skills needed to work in the finance - accounting field. Learning not only supports me in my current job but also helps me in my daily life, from personal financial management to saving and investing in the future. I hope that the young people who are passionate about this field will always be courageous, committed and dedicated to pursuing their dreams. Make the most of a student's life to explore, to stumble, to make mistakes and to grow. Because on that journey, you are not alone, teachers and friends will always be ready to support you to do great things.”