Lotte Scholarship

According to Official Letter 352020 / CV-LPK dated September 8, 2020 of Lotte Phu Khanh Tax-Free Business Co., Ltd., Department of Student Affairs would like to inform about the procedure for submitting scholarship application as follows:

          1/ Number of scholarships: 5 scholarships, each scholarship worth $450

          2/ Criteria:

- Students who are studying at the University of Economics - University of Da Nang and have cumulative results of 3.2 or higher, with good training results.

- Students have NEVER RECEIVED scholarships or grants from units outside the school.

- Priority is given to students with difficult circumstances.

- Priority is given to students with good communication skills in English / Chinese / Korean.

- Priority is given to students who have contributions and achievements in community activities.

          3/ Link to apply: https://tinyurl.com/Hoc-Bong-Lotte-HK1-2020-2021

          4/ Deadline: 15/09/2020