Welcoming event for 45k freshmen - Faculty of Finance

The Welcoming Event For 45K Freshmen has officially ended in the joy of the 45K students of the Faculty of Finance.

The freshmen participated in interesting and creative games to increase the solidarity with their new friends. Moreover, an exciting and meaningful musical night was successfully held as a greeting to the newcomers. Hall A of the University of Economics - UD seemed to nearly "explode" at any time because of the freshmen’s enthusiasm. The Youth Union of the Faculty of Finance would like to send sincere thanks to the guests, faculty member, and former members of the Youth Union who were present at the concert night. In addition, the organizing committee would like to thank the students of the 43K and 44K for their extremely special performances. And above all, the organizers would like to thank the 45K freshmen for their enthusiastic participation and their contribution to the success of the show.

The organizers hope the new 45K students have had memorable and unforgettable memories with the event!