• Scientific Research

    In the process of construction and development of the Faculty of Economics, Scientific Research is the primary objective. With the viewpoint, the lecturer is not only a teacher but also a scientist; Training must be associated with research and research to improve the quality of training. Up to now, the Faculty of Economics has reached remarkable achievements: The Faculty has completed 50 ministerial-level, provincial-level, grassroots- level research projects; and hundreds of highly practical articles. From 2010 til now, the Faclulty has published 10 textbooks, 02 monographs, dozens of teaching materials and some books are being completed for publication in the coming years.

    Especially, the Faculty of Economics had a noteworthy achievement with 03 papers published in prestigious international journals in 2018 (ISI journals). It is a motivation for the Faculty of Economics to continue to discover new knowledge in the scientific research area.

    Besides, scientific research activities of students are also paid attention. Every year, the number of students doing the research increases in both quantity and quality. The results of the research are always highly appreciated and have practical significance.

    The Faculty has organized many academic activities in professional teams to improve the quality of teaching and research. The Faculty has also incorporated to socio-economic organizations in the Central and Central Highlands provinces through socio-economic development projects. The result of research is highly practical to contribute to the development of the local economy.