In the context of business and commercial activities trying to adjust to a future shaped by technology, the Faculty of E-Commerce- The University of Economics- The University of Danang was ebtashlished in order to connect people having a passionate interest in business and technology to a new potential field in Vietnam as well as on the world.

    Our aspiration is to erect a modern integrated economics in Vietnam by talented and dedicated people, based on advanced science and technology with the aim of an affluent Vietnam.

    Inherited the tradition of more than 40 years of training the commercial business field, along with the dynamics and pioneering of business technology, the faculty of E-commerce will strive constantly for training, researching, consulting firms and becoming a reliable place for students, their parents as well as business communities.

    We want to be home for people who are always seeking for creative experiences, who dare to change, who always make determined efforts to perfect themselves and who are willing to challenge their limits. We believe that, acting together, we can make the latest scientific and technological advances present in business and commercial activities in Vietnam.

    Our motto is, “ Try hard, Do smart”.

    Dr. Vo Quang Tri