Data Science and Business Analytics



Level of Training




Major Code

73 40 420

Specialization Code

73 40 42001


1. Program Objectives

          In the context of business activities requiring the rapid transformation of operating model by technology integration, especially by technological system relating to data, The University of Economics, University of Danang issues the Undergraduate Degree Program, major in Data Science and Business Analytics in order to meet the demand of human resource for the society, the student’s aspiration and desires as well as the vision and development strategy of our University.

Data Science and Business Analytics is the interdisciplinary majors which combines some aspects, such as Mathematics & Statistics, Economics & Business and Information Technology. This would provide learners with the ability of how to organize, exploit and develop data systems as well as supporting decision making in business operation.

The key competencies included in this training program are the application of data science advances to business analysis such as market analysis and forecasting, business data analysis and forecasting, customer data analysis, etc. In addition, with bachelor of data science and business analytics, the learners are equipped with skills such as independent thinking, creativity, communication, problem detection and solving to achieve success and develop career path in modern business environment in The Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Career opportunities

·      Bachelor's in data science and business analytics can work in the following positions:

·      Data Mining and Administration Specialist

·      Big Data Analyst

·      Market Research and Analyst specialist

·      Financial Data Analyst and customer

·      Business data analyst and consultant

·      Information system administrator and customer care specialist

·      Start up related to technologies such as AI, IoT, Big data, Blockchain

2. Training duration:

According to the program description, the training time is 4 years. Students can shorten to 3 years or extend the study time up to 6 years, based on their ability and learning conditions,

3. Number of Required Credits:

The full course in this program includes 135 credits, excluding Physical Education, Defense Education, and Intensive English.

4. Curriculum: