COMB Conference 2018 - the academic exchange forum of national researchers on management and business will take place at the University of Economics – The University of Danang on 12/1/2019.

This year, the COMB 2018 Seminar has the theme: "Entrepreneurship Ecosystem". This is a hot topic of interest for scientists and researchers all over the country with many research topics on the nature, components, modules of entrepreneurship ecosystem, models and lessons learned in forming, nurturing and developing the entrepreneurship ecosystem. Accordingly, innovation, creativity, cooperation, connection ... have been keywords that the research and business practice constantly mentioned in the past years. In order to survive and grow in the current business environment, businesses must not only be concerned with internal system optimization, but also need to expand both entities and non-business content.



The COMB 2017 Seminar attracted the participation of the scientific community of management and business nationwide.

In addition, businesses must pay attention to the value chain, supply chain on a global scale, interested in connecting customers, stakeholders into the co-system to create value for businesses, businesses focus on social and environmental factors for sustainable development... To develop of these business and management perspectives, enterprises need to pay attention to their entrepreneurship ecosystem. "Entrepreneurship ecosystem" conveys the idea that all elements of an economy, all stakeholders, factors that influence and constitute a business need to connect and interact in order to jointly create an "Entrepreneurship Ecosystem" in which all subjects can live "in harmony" to grow together.

With that hot topic, this year's seminar has attracted the participation of nearly 100 scientists, researchers, lecturers from universities, colleges, academies and business units all over the country. The organizing committee received 54 scientific articles, 38 of which were evaluated and selected by the Editorial Board in the conference proceedings.



This year's seminar is entitled "Entrepreneurship ecosystem"

The preparatory work is still being prepared by the host - The University of Economics - The University of Danang to bring a modern and friendly academic space. With the gathering of leading experts and the creativity in research of management and business scientists nationwide, COMB 2018 seminar promises to contribute to providing effective solutions for the business community, actively supporting the development of businesses in the "Entrepreneurship Ecosystem".