DBA Champions League Football Tournament is the annual football tournament of the Department of Business Administration (DBA). More specifically, the football tournament was co-organized from the Youth Union of DBA and K2S Club affiliated to the Faculty. It can be said that this is a playground to practice sports, learn and exchange experiences among generations of DBA students.

The tournament ended successfully with the presence of the champions.

For Men's Teams:

- First Prize: 42K25.2

- Second Prize: Coalition of 41K02.2 and 41K17

- Third Prize: 43K02.6

For Women's teams:

- First Prize: 42K17

- Second Prize: 43K02.1

- Third Prize: Coalition of 44K25.1 and 44K25.2

In addition to the trophies for excellent players, King and Queen of the season have also been awarded.

Once again, congratulate the excellent teams on winning the prestigious awards. Thank everyone who was interested in the DBA Champions League 2018! See you in the next promising explosive season.


Caring preparation for DBA Champion League Football Tournament 2018 Closing Ceremony

The female team of class 42K17 was worthy of the championship

The male team of class 42K25.2 was proud to raise the championship trophy of the season

The sub prizes of the tournament were also awarded

Beautiful image closed the greatly successful DBA Champion League 2018