On the morning of December 2nd, 2018, within the framework of the 2019 Winter Volunteer Campaign "Touching Love", the Youth Union of the Faculty of Business Administration (DBA) launched the "Green Sunday" volunteer day.

From the early morning, the volunteers were present at lobby A and moved to My Khe beach to clean up the garbage at the beach, contributing to beautifying the urban landscape of Danang city.

After returning from the beach, the volunteers participated in a series of exciting team building games. They showed their youthfulness, enthusiasm and dynamism.

“Green Sunday” is one of the voluntary activities in the Winter Voluntary Campaign of the Youth Union of DBA, which was not only for contributing to beautifying the urban landscape, but also for helping to strengthen the unity among volunteers as well. Besides, volunteers also had a chance to do exercise by walking along the beach together. 

Volunteers appeared very early with exciting spirits

They contributed to raise awareness of protecting the marine environment

Teambuilding activities

Volunteer teams on that day