Authors: Dr. Le Thi Minh Hang, Prof. Dr. Nguyen Truong Son, MA, Master Huynh Phuong Dong.
ISBN: 978-604-84-3307-9
Published: 7/2018
Publisher: Tai chinh
Pages: 278 pages - size: 20x28.5 cm

In order to run an effective business, training, nurturing and developing entrepreneurs should be valued. Everyone, of every profession, every field has the ability to grow into an entrepreneur. Business and entrepreneurship are not encapsulated in any industry. A Bachelor of Accounting can develop an accounting service business unit, a bachelor of commerce can develop a business unit ..., even a construction engineer can develop a business and become a Construction service provider, or an electrical engineer can also develop a business unit related to the supply of electrical-related products and services. For this reason, in many countries around the world, Business Admissions are chosen to be compulsory subjects for all areas of training, with the view that everyone can do business and therefore people need basic knowledge about business.

Based on this point of view, the Introduction to Business curriculum is compiled with the goal of providing basic knowledge about business for learners. With this curriculum, learners of all different areas of expertise have access to the business world, can understand the basic concepts and principles of a business organization, understand how it works and the basic functions that a business organization must have, and understand the basic principles for creating and managing a small and medium-sized business organization.

Table of contents:
Chapter 1: The environment of business
Chapter 2 - Business ownership and entrepreneurship
Chapter 3: Management and organization
Chapter 4: Human resources
Chapter 5: Marketing
Chapter 6: Accounting.