Welcoming event to freshman DBA theme "Fly up" - soaring passionate fire

On the weekend of September 16th, the Faculty of Business Administration held a welcoming meeting with 44k students with the theme of "Fly up" - soaring passionate fire. The event welcomed the freshmen; while enhancing the solidarity and connection between the students of the Faculty of Business Administration - University of Economics - DHDN. The "Fly up" event has created a playground that brings together traditions, expressing the individuality and keeping the fire of passion and creativity of students of the Faculty of Business Administration. Along with that is praise, rewarding New students have achieved high; Poor students overcome difficulties; Highly successful Departments and active individuals in the 2017 - 2018.

The programs in the welcoming day of the New Student "Fly up"

The welcoming ceremony of DBA students took place in the excitement of the 44K students as well as the students of the Faculty of Business Administration. "Fly up" consists of two big shows, the team building "Do you know ... ?, and the night of" Fly up "

1. Teambuilding "Do you know ...?" - explore the school

On the morning of September 16th, the team building program "Do you know ...?" Was very successful with excitement, trying hard to join the 44K congregations. You have overcome difficult challenges, brainstorming, as if unable to put together a successful goal. "Do you know ...?" Brought new 44K DBA students to discover the exciting, new school that any new student has ever felt strange. The final results are as follows:

- First Prize: 44K02.5

- Second prize: 44K02.2 and 44K02.3

- Third prize: 44K02.4


2. Night Entertainment Fly up - soaring passionate fire:

The talents of the DBA students have given the audience a glorious night of artistic expression, full of color, variety of genres. The items are invested from the surface of the image to the content, bringing the audience from this emotional frame through the frame of emotional sense. Contributing to the success of the show, besides the repertoire of delegates, there was the enthusiastic support of DBA students, guest speakers and judges of power. The names given during the night of the show are:

- First Prize: 44K02.4

- Second prize: 42K17

- Third Prize: 43K02.1

- Impression Award: 42K25.1

Thank the sponsors for accompanying the Faculty of Business Administration to create a successful "Fly up" event.

With financial support as well as scholarships for the 44k welcome flywheel program "Fly up," the Faculty of Business Administration once again sends deep thanks to this tremendous support. Thank you for the scholarships Mr.Bearn has given to new 44K students. Thanks for the valuable gift that alumni Ho Thanh Quoc K2 course 27 has advocated.

Hopefully, the Faculty of Business Administration will continue to receive the sponsors  in the near future.