A few questions you have asked: "What lessons will be helpful for our journey later?" or it is simply exploration. In reality, how is that knowledge used?

To answer these questions as well as maintain succession of the previous courses. On May 19, 2018, Department of Business Administration - University of Economics - University of Da Nang in collaboration with the Corporation of Hoa Tho Textile and Apparel organized a visit to the factory for students 43K02  .


With the knowledge of the expertise as well as the practical experience and enthusiasm of the management board, the students went to visit the spinning factory and sewing factory. Students were accessed to automated production lines, and were answered questions during the tour. Interestingly, the students also talk directly with the workers operating the production line at two factories.


Thereby, the lessons of production management, human resources management in turn is clear. Not only that, you also have a live chat with Deputy General Director - Ms Nguyen Tuong Anh on Human Resources. Help you visualize how the recruitment process is, should try to equip the knowledge and skills what. She emphasizes the current situation of students, as well as give advice on your career orientation later. In addition, you also learn more about Advertising Media knowledge, as well as emphasize the issue of brand building and protection.


The style, enthusiasm of the workers in factory not only provide more useful knowledge but also more motivation. Prepare for students as a freshman. The success of the trip thanks to the great contribution of the management board of the company. The Faculty of Business Administration - University of Economics would like to thank you for your hard work and support to the school and the Faculty of Business Administration in particular in the upcoming activities.


Tường Vy