Most universities and colleges often think Business Administration program as a big "umbrella" covering a wide range of fields from Finance to Human resource and Marketing. The most prominent advantage to students is to touch all aspects of the business.

In general, "Business Administration" can be divided into the following areas:

o - Finance / economics: how to maximize profits, reduce losses and turn capital

o - Human Resources: manage manpower effectively, recruit and fire the right people in the right place suitably.

o - Marketing: penetrating the market, trading commodities in line with the target, measuring the market with competitors.

o - Production management: Optimize business roles and form an efficient process Nearly all the theories in Business Administration program are highly applicable. 99% of business students are learning "how to make money?", "How to increase profits", or "how to enter the market?"

Why we should study Business Administration?

To do business (obviously). Wherever money is needed, Business Administration program would be a big help.

What subjects are required in Business Administration program?

As noted above, Business Administration program covers a wide range of subjects, but the degree of difficulty in the subject depends on the field of your choice. Those who are more technically inclined will have to take multiple math courses, such as the field of production, or finance. Those who are not good at math can choose the remaining fields such as marketing, human resources.

There are a number of subjects that require "problem solving" skills, but rarely are purely theoretical or abstract Business Administration program subjects, most of which are mathematically-inclined. In addition, students will need to prepare in advance for a variety of group work and case studies. (case-study projects)

What do Business Administration students do after graduation?

 A lot of people think that once you study business administration , you have to work for big corporations, but not really. While most will still choose profitable businesses, some will go to non-profit organizations (because they still need capital and human capital). Most students who earned Business Administration degree will be able to handle lot of jobs thanks to the flexibility in this field.

To increase your chances of getting a job, practice internships throughout the duration of your studies. The Faculty of Business Administration - University of Economics has designed the extra curriculum for students from the first year to the fourth year of university with the aim of empowering students to meet reality with business and find the suitable work place after graduation as well as opportunities to practice from the second year of university. 
Practice means that experience, which always is the primary factor to make you outstanding with recruiters compared to the other candidates

 What qualities are suitable for Business Administration?

As the business sector is very broad, the personality of the business man is very diversified as follows:
o - "Passionate about money” Well, if you could feel the money and the ability to make a profit everywhere, you are suitable for this industry!
o - You may be in the "silent engineer" category, but you can explode once the results are "exposed".
o - You are an outgoing person with good communication skills.
o - You are a risk taker who can take risks temporarily to bring in higher profits.
So you know a bit more about the Business Administration program and industry requirements to find the right direction for your future!