Trinh Thi Phuong Thanh, a member of 38K17, has successfully exceeded hundreds of students to become a representative of Human Resource Management with a GPA score of 3.42 and active participation in extracurricular activities. Let have a little conversation with her!


Right before graduation, it is a norm that new bachelors would have untold mixed emotions. To Phuong Thanh, there are many good memories, but also a lot of regret. After graduation, it is the time that marks the maturity and the beginning of new career. On the other hand, Thanh always reminisce the time she got the chance to go to the lecture hall, hang out with peers on campus and gossip those endless stories.

Graduating with a good degree is probably the desire of many students in general. When being asked about the advantages, although holding in the hands of good degree, she also worries about the importance of academic qualifications in Vietnam. But in fact, when it comes to business interviews, they do not consider an academic degree as an important factor in recruitment; it is just another plus point between 2 candidates being on a par. She thinks that what we have learned and what we have done are more important than the certificate itself.

Phuong Thanh is also very active in extracurricular activities. Outdoor participation is a useful form of playing, not only for relaxation but also for soft skills and relationships self-improvement. Soft skills, which are gained when participating in extracurricular activities, are communication and critical thinking skills. Those are the key to success.

Moving on to the discussion of Startup which is first career option of young generations today, she frankly shared: "Startup is very good but I think the new graduates should not take too much risk in running Startup projects. Although it may give valuable experience for us, but I think before starting a business, we need to learn experience from our predecessors. After that, starting your own business is not too late.

Lastly, the thing that i want to send to DBA juniors is "being dedicated". When studying, playing or even going to work, if we put our passion into it, it will certainly succeed. Wishing all the students good studies and targeted completion that you have set, especially do not hesitate to participate in extracurricular activities to improve soft skills!