After four years of hard work and active participation, the Department of Business Administration eventually has found two outstanding students for the title Student Representatives. Today, we will have a little conversation with the first person. He is Tran Minh Duc, a member of 38K02.2. With a GPA score of 3.48 and excellent extracurricular participation, Minh Duc has become an outstanding student in the General Business Administration graduating this year.


Sharing his own experiences after these achievements, he said that he was always willing to learn new things, never satisfied with what he has, especially the knowledge. The most specific action is to ask the teacher when having concerns as well as positively answer questions during the lesson. Do not hide confusion and fear of being wrong, everything will be paid off. If the knowledge can be applied, then apply immediately and review the lesson every day. Before exam, he usually spends time to sum up the knowledge of each subject and then write down on the paper for revision, as well as to "absorb" the knowledge in his own way. To him, the motivation pushing him to exceed hundreds of students is to become "the best student."

Being asked about his career direction in the future and thinking about start up, Minh Duc shared, "I want to start my own business but not now because nowadays I think that I do not have enough qualities of an entrepreneur, and especially I have not found a suitable team. I am currently working as a salesman at the VinaENTER Training Center. It is my pleasure to work under Mr.Tran Van Son, director of the company as well as a young businessman and entrepreneur in Danang. There are two reasons leading me to this final decision. First, he is into information technology which is a promising field to startup and VinaENTER Training Center is one of the leading centers in Da Nang training qualified workforce. Secondly, he thought that before becoming a successful businessman, he must learn to become experienced employee. Therefore, despite of his desire, he tried to gain experience and skills in practical business environment for a long enough time.

To junior generation of K2 as well as other DBA-ers, Minh Duc shared: "I want to give my advice to other students: All you need to complete something is to be passion. If you have not found your passion, try to go out, get participated in variety of work, your true passion is somewhere waiting for you. Wish you all achieve your goals and make contribution to our society”.